10 Times Spongebob Nailed What’s It’s Like To Be Baked

Spongebob – he’s one of our favorite cartoon characters! Why? Because he´s baked half the time.

Nov 30, 2015

Spongebob – he´s one of our favorite cartoon characters! Why? Because he´s baked half the time. The producers of this show might disagree, but the characters speak for themselves. Spongebob hits the nail on the head with his facial expressions about all those experiences one has only when stoned. 

Here are the ten times that our favorite spongy friend has nailed what it´s like being baked!

1. Entering deep stoned Zen, where sitting on the couch feels like floating through the sea, being carried by jellyfish.

2. When your friends convince you to go to the club when you´re really high, and you take over the dance floor with stoned ninja dance moves.

3. The triumph one feels when they find the perfect burger to go town on!

4. When you´ve been hitting the chronic just a little bit too much…

5. Why does my mouth feel like I have been licking the back of an alligator? Need… Water!

6. That moment of regret, when how much you just smoked comes tumbling down on you, and you feel like you´re about to cross over.

7. When you barge into a room and every body knows you´re stoned. You were a bit too confident on this one.

8. The police are here! At least, if this is not what you look like on the outside, this is exactly how you are feeling on the inside! Extreme paranoia.

9. When you walk into your parents house trying to act very cool. You´re trying, and they can tell. Whatever you think you are pulling off, you are not. Because you´re far too stoned.

10. That sensation when you snuggle into your bed and all the boundaries disappear. You are the bed. What a perfect way to end a long hard day of being stoned.

Enjoy people. And we love you Spongebob!

Nov 30, 2015