This is What Happens When You Take 100 Hits Of Weed

Put your love for ganja to the ultimate test, and join Haley420 to take on 100 hits of weed. And yes, it’s going to get you super stoned.

Jun 25, 2017

Have you ever smoked so much pot that you swore you came close to overdosing? If not, then you must not know about the 100 hits of weed challenge. Sure, 100 hits sounds like a piece of cake at first. But imagine doing 25 dabs, 25 vape hits, 25 pipe hits, and 25 joint hits. Doesn’t seem so easy anymore, now does it? During the video, you’ll get to witness the lovely Haley420 take on this same challenge. Be sure to check it out below and see if you have what it takes to keep up.

Haley420 takes on the 100 hits of weed challenge

If you want to put your love for ganja to the ultimate test, then it’s time to join Haley420 to take on 100 hits of weed. Just be warned, you’re about to get super stoned.

You may be saying to yourself “I already smoke that much in a day and more, so how hard can this be?” But trust and believe you’re in for it.

During the video, Haley first starts off with 25 vape hits using the Volcano. Most people would be dunzo off 25 hits alone, but not this champ.

After the vaporizer, Haley moves on to dabs. A whopping twenty-five dabs, to be exact. Yikes! Anyone who can make it through that many dabs deserves a medal.

Next, the 25 pipe hits. At this point, Haley is halfway done and is high as a kite. She’s still hanging in there, though. Somehow, someway.

Finally, the last part of the challenge, which is 25 joint hits. Will Haley make it out alive? Of course, she will, but what about you? Make sure you watch the video all the way through for a sneak peek of just how high you’re going to be.

Jun 25, 2017