3 of the Most Uncool Weed References

From Fox News to parenting sites—it seems that nowhere is safe from ridiculous and uncool weed references. Here are three.

Jul 11, 2015

Let’s be real: slang for cannabis is redundant. It’s highly unlikely an undercover cop will come into your place of operation, overhear you dropping the word “marijuana” and bust you buying a gram. Many of us just simply don’t have the need to disguise the word—there’s no real fear of getting arrested or followed. The proper terminology for this plant is cannabis, marijuana or weed—no need to complicate the terminology by inventing names like “Bobo Bush,” “Dinky Dow” or “Giggle Smoke.”

That being said, there have been some amazing instances of uneducated reporters, writers or officials using slang that is deeply out of date or just plain stupid. Here are 3 of the most uncool weed references of all time.

“Potted up on weed.”

This is by far the most uneducated terminology for smoking marijuana from the superior intellects over at Fox News. During a discussion regarding the newly legalized market in Colorado, one of the reporters expresses his concern regarding cannabis smokers getting “potted up on weed” and walking into traffic. Luckily we have John Stewart to ensure stupidity is brought to justice.

“Steamboat” this.
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The useful site “about.com” hosts a section of their website where they educate parents on drug terminology. Of course you will have the normal slang such as “dope” or “J” but about.com has taken the terminology one step further by listing some of the most obscure slang terms for cannabis or cannabis use.

According to this site, a “Steamboat” is inhaling marijuana smoke trapped in a toilet paper roll. Whatever sad desperation brings you to inhaling out of a toilet paper roll, we surely do not want to encourage the practice, let alone bestow it with proverbial slang.

 “Boo Boo Bana”—United Kingdom Police.
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According to the Telegraph, United Kingdom Police have been issued with a list of drug slang including 3,000 words for them to memorize and use. Looking at the list of terminology, most of the words are comical and overly complicated. Names such as “Belyando Spruce” and “Boo Boo Bama” make an appearance. Huh? Granted, we have little idea what slang words are used in the U.K. to describe cannabis, but we doubt it varies drastically from the rest of the world and certainly doesn’t include Belyando Spruce and Boo Boo Bama.

To put it bluntly (yeah, we said it), if anyone is complicating the words “marijuana” or “cannabis” with slang words, they are either a cop, clueless, or crazed. So the next time someone asks you to pass the “Belyando Spruce,” pat him on the head and tell him to smoke a steamboat.


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Jul 11, 2015