3 States Most Likely To Legalize Marijuana In 2016

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24 states have legalized medical marijuana and 4 have made it recreationally legal. We take a look at which states are most likely to legalize marijuana in 2016.

Nov 17, 2015
Next 3 states to legalize marijuana

Currently facing a lot of pressure on the economic, social, immigration, and war front, the majority of people across America have made it clear that they want their next President and Congress to legalize.

President Obama said earlier, as residents of more states begin to approve the legalization, the Congress will be forced to federally legalize marijuana throughout the country. Washington Post reported that 52% of the US citizen are in the favor, 42% oppose and 7% do not know.

states votes Success: Judge Approves Dying Woman Access To Medical Marijuana
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Almost 24 states have legalized medical marijuana, with only 4 states making marijuana recreationally legal. It’s no surprise to mention that Colorado has collected $104 million in first 7 months after legalizing recreational marijuana.

Tax surplus has doubled in Colorado and Washington this year in 2015. Legalization has inspired many entrepreneurs to open coffee shops which has made the industry a tough business.

As 2016 awaits just around the corner, many states are in queue to legalize marijuana recreationally. Here are our picks for the states most likely to legalize in 2016.

states cali Success: Judge Approves Dying Woman Access To Medical Marijuana
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Technically speaking, California is the first state to legalize medical marijuana since 1996.  Since 1972, Proposition 19  and many other propositions have been on the ballot, but have never passed, until now.

In 2014, Marijuana Policy Project has filled in the necessary paperwork for a proposition to recreationally legalize marijuana in California state. Considering that the passage of the Compassionate Use Act of 1996 (known as Proposition 215) allowed medical marijuana to be prescribed by physicians for the first time ever.

Legalization Could be highly beneficial for California which hosts a wonderful weather to grow.  A progressive empathetic community which is widely known to host Hollywood, music festivals, and some of the most powerful strains has a lucrative business written all over. Being the world’s eighth largest economy, one can only imagine the tax revenue will skyrocket.

states nevada Success: Judge Approves Dying Woman Access To Medical Marijuana
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The Coalition to Regulate Marijuana has already taken the State of Nevada close to the finish line. Being one of first few state out of the 23 states to medicinally legalize marijuana, Nevada could be one of the most lucrative states to tax recreational marijuana, as it does with alcohol and prostitution.

15%  tax would be imposed on wholesale sales of marijuana. The existing sales tax would apply to retail sales of marijuana. Similar to other states, tax revenues generated from marijuana sales will be used to support education.

The petition initiative is on ballot on 8th of November 2016. Sen. Harry Reid, in 2016. State Rep. Tick Segerblom (D-3) is hoping the initiative encourages Republicans and Democrats in the Nevada legislature legalize recreational marijuana via legislation.

He warned his Republican counterparts that not doing so would cost them in 2016, saying,

“If you look around the country, one of the biggest factors in turnout is having marijuana on the ballot.”

As with most other states, Nevada’s legalization will allow up to one ounce to be sold to adults ages 21 and up.

New York:
states newyork Success: Judge Approves Dying Woman Access To Medical Marijuana
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In summer of 2014 New York being one of the latest states to legalize medical marijuana looks quite ready to legalize recreational use in 2016.  New York the perfect point of entry for the recreational marijuana industry because legislators don’t have to put a marijuana initiative in front of New York residents in order to pass it.

There have been many resident of New York who were political leaders, musicians have been actively fighting to grow and legalize in New York. The fruits of their efforts may have ripened.

Despite the fight, there still remains a primary obstacle – the current Governor Andrew Cuomo, who has remained silent over the issue. However, with medical marijuana now signed into law, and Cuomo wanting to keep his constituents happy, a bill legalizing recreational marijuana is certainly on the table at this point.

Further into the future

The states to legalize in 2016 and the near future are  Maine, Massachusetts, Arkansas, Arizona, Vermont, Missouri, Wyoming, Montana, Michigan, Connecticut, Maryland, Minnesota, Rhode Island, and Delaware. It’s a pretty long list.

Nov 17, 2015