Medical Cannabis Oil: 4 Reasons We Love It (& Why You Should Too)

Medical cannabis oil: It’s amazing.What can it be used to help? Actually, the question isn’t what can it help, but rather what doesn’t it help?

Jun 15, 2016

While the benefits of using cannabis are thousands of years old, and well documented, even in royalty, the use of it in oil form is a more recent, and more potent, medical advancement. What can medical cannabis oil help you with? The real question is what can’t it help with.

1. Sleep deprivation

4 Health Benefits of Medical 1 Getting Weed In Jamaica Is Now Easy As Renting A Car
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Indica strains are notorious for helping someone relax and drift off to slumber. But even potent hits off a bowl can fade in a few hours, leaving someone suffering from restless sleep to potentially only get half a night of good, deep sleep.

Using medical cannabis oil causes the THC to be passed into the bloodstream through the lining of the stomach, rather than the lungs. The onset takes longer, but the effects last about twice the time of cannabis vapor or smoke. Now you can get that full night’s rest you deserve.

2. Stress relief

4 Health Benefits of Medical 2 Getting Weed In Jamaica Is Now Easy As Renting A Car
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Between electronic saturation, inadequacies pushed on us by marketing trying to sell products, politics, money, jobs, and the pressures of daily life in modern society, more people than ever suffer from chronic stress, depression, and even panic attacks.

Medical cannabis oil provides for long-lasting relief from the stresses of life, without keeping us from functioning. It works by relaxing our minds and easing the stress from our muscles. With cannabis oil by your side, problems that seemed overwhelming are now back in focus, and so is your mind, ready to take on the challenge.

3. Chronic illness

4 Health Benefits of Medical 3 Getting Weed In Jamaica Is Now Easy As Renting A Car
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From cancers to seizures, cannabis treats it. Even working in conjunction with conventional treatment for cancer, cannabis is recognized by the government for its ability to reduce nausea, loss of appetite, insomnia, and chronic pain. They even have patents on it. Studies show that its healing properties run the gamut from neuroprotection to tumor reduction, asthma relief to Crohn’s disease treatment.

While smoking or vaping cannabis can help with sudden onset of acute symptoms, taking medical cannabis oil can help supply the body with a steady stream of medication that helps to potently medicate, treating these conditions on a continual basis, rather than in bursts.

4. Weight loss

4 Health Benefits of Medical 4 Getting Weed In Jamaica Is Now Easy As Renting A Car
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Cannabis has a positive effect on your metabolism, increasing the production of ghrelin, which is the “hunger hormone”. While this hormone increases appetite, it also helps the body break down and metabolize carbohydrates, which often get converted into fat. In addition, THC helps the body overcome pain, and cannabis use has a similar effect to exercise.

Combined with exercise, it allows athletes to perform longer with less pain. Cannabis also gives regular users better insulin levels, to help prevent diabetes. Too much insulin also promotes weight gain, as sugars are converted into fat.

This trend of athletic use of cannabis is becoming more prevalent, not only for its ability to increase endurance, prevent injury, and speed recovery but for increasing metabolism. Now there are even gyms in legal states starting to incorporate cannabis into exercise programs. Medical cannabis oil can help you continue to burn fat all day long, by raising your metabolism.

How do you use medical cannabis oil in your daily life? Share with us on social media or in the comments below.

Jun 15, 2016