These 5 Cannabis Products Need To Be On Your Shopping List For The Best Summer Ever

It’s not a party unless there’s weed.

May 22, 2018
5 best cannabis products for summer parties

Photo by PROLiza Agsalud via Flickr

For some, summertime is just a change of scenery. But for others, summer represents the best 93 days of the year. There’s no better way to celebrate warm weather and sunny skies than with good friends and good herb. After being cooped up inside all winter, now is the time to take advantage of outdoor shindigs, from beach bonfires to backyard barbeques. To gear you up for months-worth of festivities that you may or may not remember, here are all the 5 best cannabis products for summer parties.

Here are the 5 best cannabis products for summer parties:

1. Eyce Mold 2.0

If a crisp, refreshing bong rip on a hot day sounds like a good time to you and your crew, then the Eyce Mold 2.0 is one of the5 best cannabis products for summer parties. Nothing will cool the crowd off under the scorching sun quite like a hit of herb from an ice bong. Plus, if the bash gets out of hand and the Eyce Mold 2.0 manages to shatter into smithereens, then that’s okay because it’s designed to be broken and reconstructed with ease. All you need is some water and a freezer.

2. Shine Pure Leaf Blunt Wrap

Blunts are a party must-have no matter the season. They burn slow, hit hard, and provide more than just one person with a nice buzz. Summertime makes it so that you don’t have to bundle up to enjoy your tokes of tobacco and herb. Rather than sticking with the typical Backwoods blunt, upgrade your session with Shine Pure Leaf Blunt Wraps instead. Shine Pure Leaf Blunt Wraps come in three tasty flavors, including Golden Honey and Chocolate Milk. But if you want to get the party leaning, then light up some Double Cup rolled with these perfect cannabis products for summer.

3. Arizer Extreme Q

Summer is the proper season for breaking out that outdoor extension cord and plugging up the group-friendly and aesthetically pleasing Arizer Extreme Q, another one of the cannabis products for summer. Using whips and balloon bags, the Arizer Extreme Q can easily be shared with friends. The whips offer a hookah-like experience, while the balloons are detachable and can be passed around the vaper’s circle no problem.

No matter how you put it to good use, the Arizer Extreme Q will bring the buzz regardless. There’s even a remote control included so that you can conveniently control the desktop unit from a distance. You know, in case you need to grab another adult beverage or what have you.

4. Bukket

Gravity bongs are a blast and a mess all in one. But not the Bukket. The Bukket is a revolutionary kind of gravtiy bong, one that requires absolutely zero h2O. It delivers the same enormous hits as the concoction you have at home, and the smoke is just as smooth, making it on of the best cannabis products for summer. When it comes to summer parties, busting out the Bukket as opposed to a container of water and a cutup two-liter bottle looks much classier. Not to mention, if the cops decide to show up, they’re less likely to question the Bukket than your discolored handmade rig — it’s much easier to hide.

5. MagicalButter Machine 2

Edibles aren’t just one of the best cannabis products for summer; they are the party. Edibles offer a different type of high, and they can be pretty tasty. Using the MagicalButter Machine 2, whipping up cannabis butter to bake a potent batch of pot brownies and earning your title as the “Hostess with the Mostest” is a breeze. You drop in some butter, and of course, some fine dank, then you press a button and before long you’ll be tucking in to the best cannabis products for summer. There’s nothing more to it than that.

May 22, 2018