5 Incredible Marijuana-Inspired Artists


Marijuana has long been associated with creativity and art, but these artists are operating on a “higher” level. Here are 5 incredible artists who use marijuana to inspire—and create—amazing art.

Jun 26, 2015

Marijuana has long been associated with creativity and art, but these artists have taken the association to the next level. The Berkley Medical Issues Journal states that creativity happens in the frontal lobe of the brain and that increases of dopamine and blood flow to this area while ingesting cannabis can lead to higher levels of creativity. Robert Weiner in his book “Creativity & Beyond” suggests that a drug-induced state of mind may lead to breaking free from ordinary thinking and associations, thereby increasing the likelihood of generating novel ideas or associations. These artists have proven themselves to be thinking on a “higher” level.

Forest Ray

2219 Dragons Liar 5 Incredible Marijuana Inspired Artists
Photo credit: Cannabis Culture

Ray uses cannabis as his primary artistic medium by using paper produced from hemp, ink produced from resin and charcoal produced from ash. Living in the Pacific Northwest, marijuana is no stranger to Forest, who is constantly innovating new ways to use the cannabis plant for art including increasing his color range by refining the way marijuana is processed. This process often includes approximately a half-pound of weed that must be smoked to collect enough resin to create an average piece. Essentially this artist gives a whole new meaning to “reduce, reuse, recycle”. We wonder what would happen if you smoked the art…

Pierre Schmidt

Schmidt7 5 Incredible Marijuana Inspired Artists
Photo credit: beautifuldecay

Pierre Schmidt’s “Surreal Illustrations” collection is full of visually stimulating images—all of which he credits to smoking cannabis. His art demands attention with contrasting images brought together on the page. Use of cannabis can allow for more subjectivity while creating work and allow for Schmidt to create such visually thrilling art. The lady in this piece looks like she’s having a pretty rough day though, maybe someone should pass her a joint?

Fernando De La Rocque

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Photo credit: newsivity

Fernando De La Rocque is a Brazilian artist who chooses an unlikely paintbrush to express his political dismay. Using stencils of government/public figures, he imprints the page with exhaled cannabis smoke. Fernando states that this is an act of protest and that his exhibition entitled “Blowjob Images” is meant to spark controversy. Cannabis and controversy—sounds about right.

Jurassic Blueberries

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Photo credit: Jurassic Blueberries

Jurassic Blueberries is a Flickr based artist whose work features bright and vibrant colors amidst what appears to be painted cannabis leaves. Inspiration can come from the plant’s psychoactive effects but also from the beauty of the plant itself. However, with a name like “Jurassic Blueberries” we think it’s probably a combination of both.

Vincent Gordon

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Photo credit: Vincent Gordon

Combine the styles of wacky artists like Shel Silverstein, Dr. Seuss, Hunter S. Thompson and Matt Groening (the Simpsons) and you get Vincent Gordon. His gallery “The Infusion Project,” merges the style of each of the aforementioned artists with his own to create a marijuana-fueled mishmash of captivating art. Gordon also produces live art shows across the country—one of his which included Snoop Dogg’s cannabis event in 2012.


Featured image Vincent Gordon 

Jun 26, 2015