5 Times Cartoons Supported Legalized Weed


Our fictional friends support the legalization of weed, too.

Kyle Muckian
Mar 19, 2016

Ahhhh, cartoons, the stuff Saturday mornings used to be built on.  Thundercats, G.I. Joe, Transformers and all the rest. Wholesome fun with lots of moral parables to be learned from.  Nowadays, the cartoons we watch are more adult. Simpsons, Family Guy, American Dad and South Park to name a few popular ones.

Nowadays those cartoons love mocking anything from trends and fads to government debates. Recently with the U.S. election looming those same cartoons have been pushing the public agenda, and putting it on blast about how society feels needs to happen on a great many issues, not the least of which is the legalization of weed in the U.S.  So without further ado, here are 5 times cartoons supported legalizing weed.

1.Brian and Stewie legalize weed

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Police arrest Brian when they find him in possession of cannabis. He is bailed out by the family and put on probation for drug use. He attempts to use Stewie’s urine when Joe arrives to perform a drug test, only to be caught by Lois, who chastises him for going to such lengths and tells him that he has to change if he intends on doing so. However, Brian decides to start a campaign to legalize cannabis in Quahog. Mayor West passes a law to legalize the drug, and everyone starts smoking it; the town has improved as a result, with milestones such as an increase in productivity and a decrease in crime.

2.Bobby’s List

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Bobby From King of the Hill puts together a comprehensive list of the Pros and Cons of cannabis. Notice there are no cons for weed. However, the greatest Pro lies at the bottom of the list. “SLAYER” lol

3.Cancer for Everyone

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When Randy learns that South Park’s KFC outlet is now a medical marijuana dispensary, he attempts to give himself cancer so he can get a doctor’s referral for marijuana by irradiating his groin with a microwave oven, successfully gives himself testicular cancer, making his testicles so large that he has to use a wheelbarrow to carry them. Randy obtains his medical referral and starts smoking marijuana regularly. Meanwhile, his testicles continue to grow to the point that he uses them as a space hopper for movement. Randy finds that larger testicles are attractive to women, so he encourages his friends to also get testicular cancer.

4. Homer advocates weed

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When Homer yells at the crowd to leave Marg’s garden, they turn on him and peck at his eyes. He then goes to the hospital, where Dr. Hibbert prescribes him medicinal marijuana for the pain. Homer finds himself enjoying the experience immensely, seeing the world as a magical place, and even enjoying things he hated before. After Flanders holds a petition to ban medical marijuana, Homer has a rally to promote it.

5.The Hemp Party

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In this Futurama episode an election is taking place and parties are forming as candidates. Among them is the “Dudes for the legalization of hemp party” Now this is a bit of a contrast as the man at the booth is so stoned he gives off the wrong impression while the woman asking him questions makes some solid points regarding hemp’s alternate uses

So there you have it, 5 times cartoons supported the legalization of weed.

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Kyle Muckian
Mar 19, 2016