7 Things You’re Doing That P*** Off Your Weed Dealer

Want good relations with your weed dealer? You’ll never p*** them off ever again after reading these 7 things!

Feb 25, 2016

Weed dealers. Love ’em, hate ’em, but more love ’em! Usually, the last thing you’d want to do is p*** one off. All of us over here at the Stoner’s Cookbook know female weed dealers get p***ed off too, but anyhoo, below we covered 7 of the things you’re doing to p*** off yours.

1. Phoning or texting too often

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You’re doing business with this person. Be respectful of them. Just because you ran out of weed does not mean you have to call your weed dealer every minute to see if he or she will pick up. They will get back to you. Plus they have other customers. You’re not the center of the universe, okay?

2. Buying a little

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Your weed dealer is in the business of making money and they want to sell as much weed as they possibly can, to people with lots of cash, so if you nickel or dime them you’re actually wasting their valuable time. If you’re going to buy weed, buy an eighth or more.

3. Giving out their number without asking them

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Not cool. Why would you do that? This isn’t multi-level marketing! Not to mention buying weed from a dealer is illegal and you’re putting this person at risk when you do something like this. Don’t do it..

4. Asking for stuff other than weed

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This isn’t your crack dealer … it’s your weed dealer! Weed dealers are different than drug dealers who are scary. Haven’t you ever seen an episode of “Breaking Bad?”

5. Showing up unannounced at their place

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Again … this isn’t your crack dealer! Don’t be cra-cra. Weed dealers need their privacy and alone time too.

6. Complaining about the price

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Looking like a cheap skate never impresses anyone. You have to cough up the cash for this indulgence you are partaking in because proper weed etiquette demands it.  Anyone who smokes you up and weighs the weed your buying on a digital scale in front of you is being very fair.

7. Don’t leave too soon

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If you do and someone sees it will look like a drug deal just took place. Neighbors are nosy and you don’t want to get your weed dealer in trouble, so act civilized and not like you’re in a college dorm room. Hang out for a little while, but don’t overstay your welcome. Relaxing and chilling is always good weed etiquette.

Happy now?

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Now  you’ll never make your weed dealer mad again and your relationship is bound to flourish and grow like a tall, budding, marijuana plant!

What are the other things that p*** off weed dealers? Let us know in social media or in the comments below.

Feb 25, 2016