Watch: Crazy 35.65gm Budder Hotbox

There’s a hotbox and then there’s budder hotbox. To put it into perspective 1 gram of budder would last the average low-tolerance smoker about a week.

Nov 26, 2015
budder hotbox

There’s a hotbox and then there’s this: a budder box. Of course, it depends on your tolerance level and frequency of use, but to put it into perspective 1 gram of budder would last the average low-tolerance smoker about a week.

This guy and his crew definitely do not mess around. They covered a pan that would normally fit an entire sheet of cookies with burning coals and proceed to cover the coals with massive dabs of budder: 36.65 grams to be exact. That’s almost 40 times the amount for the average person – all at once!

“Smells like Roses!”

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Thankfully, I’ve never seen a volcano erupt in person but I imagine this is the hotbox equivalent of that. The coals literally erupt with insanely thick budder smoke, and Mike, along with a friend, stuff their face in it for a huge toke.

Mike invites anyone else to come take a hit and “start their coffin early,” which is not an overstatement considering how foggy the room already starts to look within seconds. Within minutes, the room is entirely filled with smoke – a guy in the room literally tests the thickness with his laser pointer and it’s only visible a centimeter in front of him.

Cameraman Down

The sounds of hacking coughs start filling the air and after about 20 minutes or so Mike and his cameraman are outside of the room. “The hardcore’s are going to stay in here, I’m going to recover,” he says leaving a trail of about 6 friends still in there.

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As Mike at Yaletown in British Columbia, Canada says

“live in the now and enjoy life like there’s no tomorrow. Man’s been hoxboxing for thousands of years and you should too.”

How long do they last? See the full budder box in action below:

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Nov 26, 2015