Aloha, Woody!

Woody Harrelson could potentially be opening his own medical marijuana dispensary in Hawaii this summer.

Feb 15, 2016

“Aloha, Woody Harrelson” could be the next phrase on the tip of your tongue, especially if you are a local in Hawaii. This Natural Born Stoner could be legally selling weed in Hawaii this summer, some time around July. Harrelson put his name into a draw, along with 60 other applicants, to be able to open up a medical marijuana business in Hawaii.

Until now, a medical marijuana industry has been illegal in Hawaii, but recent changes in the law are allowing room for legal medical marijuana dispensaries to open. Woody Harrelson will have to wait until April to find out if he is going to be eligible to start his marijuana business.

Woody: Natural Born Stoner

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This business endeavor wouldn’t be the first for Woody Harrelson when it comes to marijuana. He has been the target of law enforcement because of his marijuana antics in the past, almost landing himself in jail once. Woody was arrested in Kentucky almost 20 years ago for pointing out the government’s inability to distinguish between marijuana and hemp. He sneakily planted four hemp seeds in a local field and spent four years wrapped up in court cases to try and get out. He almost landed himself a one-year prison sentence.

This is Harrelson’s magical opportunity to have the marijuana industry he always wanted – and legally! No one will be able to arrest him for this one. Harrelson is lucky enough to have his lucrative career behind him, having starred in many films, because Hawaiian authorities are asking new dispensary owners to prove they have $1 million, as well as $100,000 for each dispensary. This means Woody Harrelson could open two growing facilities as well as two dispensaries if he is among the eight selected to open up shop in Hawaii.

Changing Laws In Hawaii

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Medical marijuana has in fact been legal in Hawaii since the year 2000, but because of the legislation did not permit a profitable marijuana industry. The law allowed people to cultivate their own home-grown medical marijuana if they were licensed to do so under the medical marijuana program, but until now there was no room for dispensaries.

Last year, however, Governor David Ige signed two documents that would change the state legislature on marijuana. The state will now begin preparing for a fully fledged medical marijuana program, licensing people to begin growing facilities and open dispensaries. In the process of doing this the government has decided to disallow people from continuing to grow their own marijuana. It is predicted that this could take away from the dispensary business and the entire endeavor could be a flop.

There will be 16 licensed dispensaries by this summer in Hawaii around July for medical marijuana patients to obtain their marijuana. Home cultivation will stop after this and medical marijuana patients will be required to buy their herb from one of these dispensaries. The opportunities are looking bright for both Hawaii and for Woody Harrelson, on his endeavor for a new career!

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Feb 15, 2016