10 Amazing Things People That Smoke Weed Know Are True

Weed-lovers love sharing their knowledge about how great the plant is. Watch this video to learn 10 facts that may change the way you think about weed.

Feb 27, 2017

Of course, cannabis enthusiasts know just about everything there is to know about the herb. Not only are they aware of the health benefits, but also the types of strains and more. Although weed-lovers enjoy sharing their knowledge, there are a few secrets that may surprise you. In fact, these secrets may also change the way you view this fascinating plant they call cannabis. Be sure to check out the video by Infinite Waters (Diving Deep) below to learn ten secrets that marijuana users won’t tell you.

Ten amazing things about weed

Maybe you’re a weed expert, or maybe you’re new to the scene. Nevertheless, these ten secrets about cannabis might just change the way you think about cannabis.

1. The cannabis plant is over 6,000 years old

Of all the crops in the world, weed is the oldest plant to be cultivated by humans. For this reason, people have been using the herb just as long as they’ve been growing it.

2. THC is the key ingredient in cannabis that gets you high

Although THC will get you high, it also helps with various ailments, such as cancer.

3. No one has ever overdosed on cannabis

Unlike tobacco, cannabis will not kill you. In fact, the herb has many medical benefits.

4. Cannabis is a natural pain reliever

Indeed, weed is a natural analgesic and can help relieve pain, especially chronic pain.

5. Cannabis can help you heal from cancer

According to the British Journal of Cancer, cannabis actually slows down tumor growth.

6. Weed is safer than alcohol

Again, no one dies from cannabis. However, several people die from alcohol every year.

7. You can use hemp for practically anything

Not only did hemp produce the world’s first paper, but you can also use the plant to make things like clothing and building materials.

8. Cannabis helps people with seizures

Cannabis, in particular, is an antispasmodic. Therefore, it can significantly ease the symptoms of seizures.

9. Cannabis can treat ADHD

Typically, doctors will prescribe Ritalin for patients with ADHD. However, cannabis is a natural alternative that can also treat ADHD.

10. Users feel amazing after consuming cannabis

In case you were wondering, the herb will make you feel fantastic.

Feb 27, 2017