Another Win For Australia And Marijuana Legalization

Australia and marijuana legalization just got one step closer with the Victorian government embarking on a State-based cannabis growth trial. Go you guys down under!

Dec 11, 2015

Another State is set to legalize marijuana! Congratulations to the citizens of Victoria, Australia. Unfortunately, it is not one of the United States, but aren’t you happy for our mates down under?

What Happened?

In early October, the Victorian government announced they would legalize the growth, manufacturing, and sale of cannabis for medicinal purposes in the State. This is super exciting as this is the first law of its kind for the country. The law itself will allow patients in “exceptional circumstances” to use cannabis to medicate.

The Rules
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The Victorian government plans to embark on a State-based cannabis growth trial, based on 42 recommendations presented by the state Premier, Daniel Andrews. The State has recommended licensing growers and manufacturers to produce cannabis under laws similar to those governing the state’s opium poppy industry.

Other recommendations include the right for the product to be sold at pharmacies, that farmers and sellers must be licensed and that doctors or health practitioners must authorize the treatment. However, patients will not be able to grow their own crop for use.

Premier Andrews was quoted to say,

“This was the right decision to make and I want to thank everyone…This is a first for Australia and certainly a first for the state. We’re very proud to lead on this. These are medicines, medicines that save lives.”

The plan is to have medicinal cannabis available in a variety of forms. This included oils, capsules, sprays and liquids. However, the government officials have encouraged people not to smoke due to health reasons.

What this means for Australia
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Well, it is obvious; another country is allowing the chance for citizens and its leaders to see the benefits of legalizing marijuana. Similar to the United States, Australia is likely to see the benefits financially as well as with the happiness of the patients who reap the benefits.

This could likely ignite other States to consider jumping on the weed bandwagon too. Not to mention how it could possibly spark the interest and support from other countries.


It has been said that this new law was driven by compassion for people, including those who are chronically ill who are suffering with no effective medical relief, especially for children. Children with severe epilepsy would be the first to be treated with Victorian-grown medicinal cannabis. CBD oil has been a HUGE help medically to many children in the U.S. to date, so this is really amazing to hear!

When will this happen?

Laws will go into effect in 2017. Premier Andrews had said,

“There is much more work to do. We need to set up the office of medicinal cannabis, [set up] proper permitting, set up the right practice to grow and manufacture, and set up medicinal practices to be able to prescribe.”

It is true, if you want to do it, and ensure it will work you need to take your time and check everything off the list before starting something like this. Although 2017 seems far away, time will fly by.


What an exciting time for Australia and the rest of the world. This is a huge step in the right direction. This will expose so many more people to seeing the benefits marijuana medically truly has.

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Dec 11, 2015