6 Hilarious Weed Pranks To Pull On Your Pals This April Fool’s Day


In case you need some bright ideas, then here are seven April Fool’s pranks that’ll definitely trick your weed-loving pals.

Apr 1, 2017
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April Fool’s day is the one day out of the year when it’s perfectly acceptable to be a jerk. While this day is just like any other for some, others prefer to take advantage and have fun. Rather than pulling the same old pregnancy prank, or any of the others that people commonly pick, use weed to help you come up with something excellent. In case you need some bright ideas, then here are seven April Fool’s jokes that’ll definitely trick your weed-loving pals.

1. Replace their weed with oregano

Ahh, the classic oregano prank. It never gets old, and it works every time. Plus, there are several ways to pull this one. Either you can roll a joint with oregano and have one of your homies spark it. Or, you can hide their stash and replace it with oregano. Oh, the possibilities.

2. Add some flavor to their bong water


It’s best to pull this prank on a friend whose bong isn’t clear where the water goes. If that’s the case, you can add just about anything, from hot sauce to vodka. Sure, it’s sort-of evil. But seeing the look on their face will be worth every bit of evil-doing.

3. Give one of your homies an “edible”


Everyone knows the mind can make you believe anything, including making you think that you are high when in reality you’re not. All you have to do is hand your friend a food item and say it’s an edible. Then, watch as they act high the entire night.

In fact, this particular prank has been tested and proven to work by yours truly.

4. Ask your pal for weed money that you don’t have


Want to score a free bag of weed on April Fools day? If so, ask your friend for 20 bucks or so. And if they’re kind enough, get your free pot and enjoy. You should probably give them back their money at some point, though. Otherwise, you’ll be short one friend.

5. Order a pizza, make your buddies wait for it, then inform them that it’s not coming


You might hurt your own feelings pulling this joke. Still, it’s worth a shot. Gather your friends around for a smoke session. After, offer to order a pizza. Then, make everyone wait for it to arrive.

Either you can wait several minutes and just tell them it’s not coming whenever you feel the time is right. Or, you can have someone ring the doorbell and run away before you break the news.

They’ll probably be super pissed at you. So make sure to pull this one at a reasonable hour. That way you can order one for real when the joke is over.

6. Play fake police sirens during a sesh


This April Fools prank will work great if you have a sesh in the car. Be sure to catch everyone off guard, though, or else it won’t work.

For example, you can get your friends so high to the point where they’re each in their own little world. Then, release the sirens, and watch as they lose their shit.

Apr 1, 2017