Young metalheads detained during a college tour for being ‘too quiet’

Apparently, band t-shirts are enough to flag someone as suspicious.

May 16, 2018
Metalheads Detained During College Tour For 'Suspicious' Archspire, Cattle Decapitation Shirts

In this photo from body camera video, two Native American teenagers are questioned by Colorado State University campus police after they were pulled from a college tour, Monday, April 30, in Colorado. The teen’s faces were blurred by the Colorado State University campus police.(Photo courtesy of Colorado State University campus police via Youtube)

College should be a special time. Moving forward into your own future. The independence to create your own new identity. The mentorship to make your first apple bong. As groups of aspiring students tour campuses across the country, prejudice struck against two young metalheads

As reported by the Denver Post, Thomas and Lloyd Gray, Native American teenagers from New Mexico, were part of a tour at Colorado State University in Fort Collins. The two came to the tour repping shirts for the bands Cattle Decapitation and Archspire. They were late but managed to catch up with the tour in progress. According to their mother, Lorraine Kahneratokwas Gray, another mother on the tour thought the kids were suspicious for being ‘too quiet,’ though it’s more likely they were trying to listen to the tour. Plus, who cares? Some people are quiet.

Unfortunately, this woman flagged down campus police and the brothers were taken from the tour for questioning. The call made to campus police made note of their Cattle Decapitation and Archspire shirts for having “weird symbolism or wording on it.” The tour continued on without them, the guide not even acknowledging their removal, a fact that Lorraine Kahneratokwas Gray finds especially disturbing.

“It is one of their first experiences out in the real world and they run into this cruel world,” Gray said. “That’s why we have to speak out, my sons need to find the courage to speak out.”

Colorado State University made an apology and said an investigation is being made of the incident. The tour guide apparently made an apology directly to the brothers on Facebook. The Grays aren’t certain about their future with the school. But the story doesn’t end there, because where campus cops and university administrations suck, metal bands are good.

Cattle Decapitation and Archspire caught wind of their fans being treated unfairly. “The fundamental weight of this story should focus more heavily on calling out the individual that committed this bigotry and less attention on how the college compensated the victims,” wrote Archspire on their Facebook page. “Rather than focusing on these two young brothers who are not only deserving of but also entitled to both apology and compensation, I invite the mother referenced in this article, along with her family, to come to our next show in Colorado, free of charge to observe first hand just how positive, accepting and overall uplifting the “threatening” lifestyle that these innocent brothers freely and publicly represent, actually is.”

Cattle Decapitation one upped Archspire. They wrote “WEAK” and offered the brothers free guest passes for life.

May 16, 2018