Awkward! Check Out These Weed Stock Photos

BuzzFeedYellow shows normalized stock photos of cannabis users doing what they do best, living a normal life while enjoying the herb.

May 15, 2016

Ever since cannabis has become legalized in many different states, such as Colorado and Oregon, the image of the stereotypical stoner has changed for the better. Thanks to The Drug Policy Alliance, you no longer see the typical couch potato smoking pot while wasting his/her life away. Instead, we see everyday people like you and I. Be sure to check out the video from Buzzfeed Yellow below.

A more realistic view

Awkward Weed Stock Photos 1 The Latest Cause For Concern With Colorado Cops
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Look there, normal people enjoying a game of Jenga while passing around a bowl packed with ganja. This is just one of the few stock photos that demonstrates what cannabis users really look like. That’s right, a bunch of average joes enjoying life, sharing laughs, and smoking weed. A far more realistic view than the stereotypical images that the media has given us in the past.

The Drug Policy Alliance has created stock photos of real people who consume cannabis, photos that are far more relevant to what cannabis users do and look like. In the video, created by 10 different photos with hilarious captions are shown. There’s a lady chilling in the bathtub, toking on a bowl of bud while thinking happy thoughts. Then you have a woman that’s hanging out on the front porch, smoking weed while she chats with the neighbors. No big deal, right? Exactly, smoking herb is just something that some people like to do, just like any other activity.

These people aren’t hurting anyone, they aren’t committing crimes, and they aren’t doing absolutely nothing either. At last, cannabis is being shown in images that display normality. The best part of all, these photos show many different cannabis consumption methods. Do check out the images, you will not be disappointed!

Do you think these stock photos truly represent real cannabis users? Which one was your favorite? Let us know on social media or in the comments below.

May 15, 2016