Canada Just Approved Prescription Heroin


The Canadian government discreetly made medical grade heroin legal for patients that cannot survive without a daily dose.

Lukas W
Sep 27, 2016

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is taking a very progressive step to help long-term heroin addicts take back control of their lives. The Canadian government discreetly made medical grade heroin legal for patients that cannot survive without a daily dose. The clinic in Vancouver is the only one of its kind in North America, replicating a European approach to helping addicts.

The Crosstown Clinic in Vancouver

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The recent legalization of prescription heroin will enable the famous clinic to increase the base of patients that it can provide therapy too. Before this news, a limited number of addicts would come in up to 3 times a day to receive their doses of diamorphine.

Now let’s be clear, the clinic is not providing heroin to anyone that wants it. They provide diamorphine to patients that have used so much of the stuff that going without it could kill them. They have a proven track record of rehabilitating people back into society, that would otherwise have been picked up by a paramedic.

 Many of our clients tell me it’s the difference between life and death,. – Dr. Scott MacDonald, lead physician at Crosstown.

Ignorant Conservative opposition

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The Canadian Conservative Party still remains strictly against any sort of policies that have the potential for condoning drug use. Even when testimonies of many of the survivors of heroin addiction thank the clinic for saving their lives. This reveals that the party still thinks the war on drugs is an effective way to end addiction.

Our policy is to take heroin out of the hands of addicts and not put it in their arms. – Conservative MP Colin Carrie

But what if heroin is the only way that they can assimilate back into society? Here’s the perspective of a user who had to turn to the sex trade to fuel her addiction.

I’m all in all just a better person. I went through some pretty tragic things, and a lot of heartache. I’m more reliable now. I’m not 105 pounds anymore and I’m not stressed all the time thinking about where my next hit is coming from. – Lynda LePretre, 2 decade heroin user who now has two jobs.

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Lukas W
Sep 27, 2016