7 Of Our Best Canna-Infused Paleo Recipes For You To Try

When you’re paleo, it can be difficult to find edibles that suit your needs. Luckily, we have some great recipes for cannabis-lovers who care about health.

Jun 9, 2016

When you’re on a special diet, it can be difficult to find edibles that suit your needs. Fortunately, we have some great recipes for cannabis-lovers who care about health. Here are our seven best canna-infused paleo recipes for you to try. We hope you enjoy your time in the kitchen as much as we have!

The art of cooking with cannabis

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If you’re just getting started with cannabis cooking, you might want to check out our Cooking with Cannabis 101 guide. It will walk you through everything you need to know about getting the most out of your edibles.

You can also find more great recipes in our new cookbook, HERB: The Art Of Cooking With Cannabis. Some recipes will need to be adapted for your paleo diet, but a few simple swaps will do the trick.

1. Canna-coconut oil

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To kick us off, this infused coconut oil is a staple for any cannabis-loving paleo folks out there. It’s easy to make, super easy to use, and it produces a nice, potent edible experience. Taking some time to prep this oil in advance means that you’ll always have a little on hand when it’s needed.

If this recipe weren’t awesome enough already, infused coconut oil is also an excellent simple topical. Spread on a thin layer if you have an itchy skin condition like eczema or if you are suffering from muscle or joint pain.

Check out the recipe here.

2. Power paleo morning shake

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There couldn’t be a better way to start your day. This Power Paleo Morning Shake is a micronutrient and protein monster. Grass-fed protein gives you a long-lasting morning energy boost.

A wide variety of berries, kale, and a little cinnamon jump-starts your day with a hefty dose of vitamins. Almond butter ups the protein content even more and provides vitamin E, a skin and hair health essential. This is a must-try recipe for those new to cooking with cannabis.

Infused ingredient: infused coconut oil (either make your own or find a product like Warm and Crispy at a dispensary near you.)

Check out the recipe here.

3. Cannabis deviled eggs

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The mayonnaise in this recipe is perfectly paleo. A slow emulsion with egg yolks and a little canna-infused olive oil, these deviled eggs make the perfect medicated snack or fun appetizer for your next paleo picnic.

Infused ingredient: canna oil

Check out the recipe here.

4. Tasty tilapia

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Perfect for a weeknight dinner, this Tasty Tilapia recipe is simple and ready in about a half an hour. It becomes cannabis-infused thanks to the help of a little butter. To make this paleo, be sure to opt for grass-fed butter whenever possible.

For those that are dairy-free, swap out grass-fed butter for some infused coconut oil. Coconut adds a little tropical kick that perfectly compliments this white fish.

Infused ingredient: canna butter

Check out the recipe here.

5. Sweet potato soup

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The best thing about this Sweet Potato Soup? You can make it in bulk and freeze it for up to six months. This is an excellent recipe for paleo medical consumers that may just want something easy to grab when you’re not in the mood to cook an elaborate meal.

Garnished with a little bacon, this is a full-bodied, fall-inspired soup. Ancho chili and a little cayenne give it an extra kick.

Infused ingredient: Canna-oil

Check out the recipe here.

6. Tomahawk ribeye

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Every once in a while, it’s time to enjoy a nice steak. This Tomahawk Ribeye is sure to deliver. Swap out canola oil for your favorite cooking fat. A cold-pressed olive oil works quite well and helps maintain the flavor integrity of the steak. The infused-product in this recipe is cannabutter. Use grass-fed butter or ghee to make this paleo.

If you’re dairy free, you can also substitute the butter for the infused coconut oil listed above. This recipe is pretty rich, so you might want to keep this one handy for a special occasion. As many paleo fans already know, always opt for grass fed beef if you are able.

Infused ingredient: Garlic-herb cannabutter

Check out the recipe here.

7. Cannabliss balls

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Another picnic essential, these Cannabliss Balls are the perfect sweet ending to a medicated meal. Containing sunflower seeds, raw almonds, raw cacao, and chia seeds, these little treats are extremely nutrient dense.

Raw cacao will provide a decent dose of magnesium and some vital antioxidants. Chia seeds up the protein quality and provides  brain-boosting omega-3 fatty acids. Bound together with some canna-infused coconut oil, what more could you ask for from a paleo dessert?

Infused ingredient: Canna-coconut oil

Check out the recipe here.

Which of these recipes are you going to try? Share your thoughts with us on social media or in the comments below. We’d love to hear from you!

Jun 9, 2016