Cannabis Cocktails Are Turning Into A Big (Delicious) Business

What better way to relieve anxiety after a hard day than to kick back with a tasty cocktail that actually contains an anti-anxiety property found in cannabis.

Jun 13, 2016

Watch out alcohol, cannabis is starting yet another trend in the alcoholic beverage industry. We all know that Mexican restaurants make the best drinks, however, they’re about to get even better at Gracias Madre. A West Hollywood restaurant has launched cannabis-infused cocktails that contain CBD. What better way to relieve anxiety after a hard day than to kick back with a tasty cocktail that actually contains an anti-anxiety property found in cannabis. Thanks to Jason Eisner, folks will be able to do just that.

Cannabis meets cocktails

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Jason Eisner, head bartender at West Hollywood’s Gracias Madre, crafted a trio of cannabis-infused cocktails that contain CBD- an anti-anxiety property found in cannabis. CBD, which is available at various health food stores, is an oil that is capable of being extracted from different parts of the plant and is known to help reduce seizures, relieve anxiety and soothe people that experience psychotic episodes. CBD differs from THC because it doesn’t trigger a psychoactive effect. It requires a medical cannabis card to be able to purchase legally.

Before beginning his career at Gracias Madre, Eisner worked alongside LA bartender Jaymee Mandeville at Drago Centro LA and he held manager-related positions at New York bars that include Jerry’s in Chelsea, Bubby’s at Tribeca and the Film Center Café in Hell’s Kitchen.

His cocktails may be $20, but they sure sound like they’re worth the dollar. Stony Negroni consists of gin, Vermouth, Amaro Contratto Aperitivo, a spoonful of port and  1/8 teaspoon of CBD.

Sour T-iesel is like a Tequila sour, but with a twist. It comprises Tequila, lime agave nectar, mint, sage leaves, Aquafaba (the same as egg whites for vegans), 1/8 teaspoon of CBD and Matcha green tea powder that creates the shape of a cannabis leaf.

Rolled Fashion is a heady mix of Bourbon, Mezcal Anejo, cinnamon, sarsaparilla syrup, Peruvian tree bark, vanilla bean, star anise and 1/8 teaspoon of CBD served with a side of vegan churro.

This is culinary use, not recreational use or medical use. It’s different and I think we’ll be seeing a lot more of this in the future. For centuries, cannabis properties have been used for its healing qualities, but the weed has also been lumped in with cocaine and other hard drugs as something bad and psychotic.

Now I think we’re at a place in history where we can become educated about different parts of the plant, outside of what we’ve grown up with.

A trend that will continue to grow

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Legal cannabis sales accounted for $7 billion this year, according to anecdotal initial estimates accentuated by Spiros Malandrakis in a recent analysis for the Drinks Business on the pros and cons of cannabis-laced alcoholic drinks.

With conservative projections estimating a near fourfold increase in legal cannabis sales in the medium term, there is no question that the industry – still in its infancy – will soon become a much greater disruptor than the once ignored craft segment ever was.

Malandrakis used Humboldt’s Finest cannabis vodka from Redwood Spirits as an example – a spirit containing food-grade hemp from Oregon and currently only available in California and Colorado. Following the legalisation of cannabis in Colorado, Dude’s Brews announced its series of Canna-beer, which will feature a variety of CBD-rich and cannabis-infused beer.

Since more and more states are decriminalising cannabis, we may begin to see more cannabis-infused alcoholic beverages in the future.

It will begin with micro-brewers/ distillers and hemp. The former will find it easier to experiment than sclerotic multinationals. The latter – naturally free from the controversial psychoactive components of marijuana – will provide an initial, flavorful embrace of the trend without risking legal repercussions.

Do you look forward to trying a cannabis-infused cocktail? Which sounds the best? Let us know on social media or in the comments below. We would love to hear from you.

Jun 13, 2016