Cannabis Coffee Could Be The Next Big Thing

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Cannabis alcohol, Cannabis edibles, Cannabis weddings, Cannabis lubricant, and now – Cannabis coffee!

Dec 3, 2015

Cannabis alcoholcannabis edibles, cannabis weddings, cannabis lubricant – now cannabis coffee. Is it the next big thing? Well, the stoners out there who also love coffee must be plentiful, so it seems legitimate.

In fact, it sounds delicious.Adam Stites, the new cannabis coffee connoisseur, dreamed up this invention on a road trip in Washington. Although it hasn´t been an easy task for him, Sities has officially created a marijuana-infused coffee cream blend that is five-star standard.

Cannabis infused coffee cream
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Adam Sitie´s dream started while he was road tripping, and admitted that his van was slow enough to allow for a lot of thinking time. So cannabis has been infused in food as well as alcohol, so why not enjoy a cannabis infused coffee? Needless to say, he gave his idea a test run, and despite having completely overestimated the dosage on the first attempt, decided to press on with the task.

His aim thereafter was to create the perfect blend of coffee and cannabis, so that the effects of the two would compliment each other. He says that a focused awareness from cannabis, as well as a bit of jitteriness from coffee would be the perfect couple. He also says that coffee is absorbed in the body almost instantly, whereas the effects of cannabis take around 45 to 90 minutes to take effect, therefore making the effects of caffeine longer lasting.

Not an easy task at hand
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It didn´t take him long to realize that mixing the two components was going to be difficult. Firstly, Sities wanted to make sure he chose the perfect strain to blend with coffee to achieve the desired effect. Taking into account the two main components of marijuana (THC and CBD), he found the perfect combination that allows for a smooth marriage between coffee and cannabis.

Sities encountered some difficulties binding the coffee to the cannabis cream mixture because the cannabis separates itself in the coffee when it is brewed. This is because the components of cannabis are not soluble in water. Through a long process of trial and error, Sities concocted a mixture of plant emulsifiers, which ensure that the mixture stays together even when it is brewed.

His range includes plain coffee, coffee with sugar and milk, and even fruity drinks, all that contain their own secret recipe with everyone´s favorite herb. His product is expected to be packaged in sachets for an easy brew to enjoy on a Sunday morning.

Potential profits are huge
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The writing is completely on the wall. Revenue from coffee sales in the USA are enormous, and nothing short can be said of the rapidly growing cannabis market. This year, which has almost ended, counted $9.4 billion in coffee sales around America, and millions of dollars are being spent on cannabis around the country, too. The number is only expected to increase as it becomes legal in more states.

The potential for economic success in a canna-coffee market is huge, because it is mixing two products that Americans already love. More than that, the creators of this product have dedicated time to producing a product that tastes great and offers a desired effect. It is innovation in the canna-business that targets the audience precisely.

Dec 3, 2015