5 Cool Cannabis Crowdfunded Products You Need To Watch

Laws are changing regarding crowdfunding in the cannabis industry – keep your eyes on these 5 campaigns.

May 15, 2016

New federal rules will take effect on May 16th that will allow the general public to put their hard-earned cash toward funding cannabis businesses. “Regulation crowdfunding” is the new name of the capital raising game.

Previously there were only three ways for companies to raise capital: registering with the SEC for an initial public offering, filing for an exemption known as Regulation D, or allowing individuals (accredited investors) with a net worth of at least $1 million or a steady income of more than $200,000 to privately invest. The changes coming on May 16 will allow “non-accredited” investors to fund businesses. The floodgates for crowdfunding cannabis businesses are about to open- are you ready?

1. When the Bright Lights Fade

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When the Bright Lights Fade is a crowdfunding styled campaign, from CW Botanicals and the Realm of Caring, designed to raise money to support research with Johns Hopkins University into how cannabinoids may assist in the prevention of concussions and neurodegenerative diseases.

Recently, current Baltimore Raven, Eugene Monroe donated $80,000 to the campaign. Monroe is quickly becoming a beacon of light for professional athletes who wish to turn their backs on opiate based pain killers, in favor of cannabinoids like CBD.

2. Cannabis and cancer clinical trial Complutense University Madrid

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 This campaign is designed to raise money to fund clinical trials that will study cannabis’ effects on cancer cells. Researchers at Complutense University in Madrid are trying to raise £60,000 to examine how cannabinoids can potentially cure brain cancer.

3. Stashbox

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Stashbox is a monthly subscription box company that caters to smoking products, provides companies with a marketing channel that allows engagement with consumers and influencers in the industry. The company is currently seeking round one funding to support their rapid growth.

4. Green Thumb Industries

Green Thumb Industries claims to be the “first and only FULL HOUSE” supply and equipment distributor for the legal cannabis industry. They pride themselves on filling the gap between cultivators and equipment wholesalers. Through their distribution channels, they are able to provide lower prices. Their platform streamlines the equipment acquisition process for cultivators both large and small.

5. AlulaHydro

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AlulaHydro is seeking funding for their integrated advanced hydroponic nutrient system. The integrated system of sensors,metering pumps, and software enables precise on-site assembly and delivery of optimal nutrients. Further, the system automatically captures key data and enables growers to replicate outstanding crops and optimize yield. This system takes the guess work out of growing cannabis!

Crowdfunding is an exciting concept. The cannabis industry is in desperate need of community support, and on May 16th, the industry will be given a breath of fresh air. Of course, the cannabis industry is experiencing tremendous financial success, but now the little guys will get the exposure they need to compete in the industry. Keep an eye out for your opportunity to invest!

What companies or concepts would you like to support through crowdfunding? Let us know on social media or in the comments section below.

May 15, 2016