Cannabis Eating Pig ‘Refuses To Give Up Stash’

Watch out world – There is a new criminal on our streets. Beware of the weed-loving, felonious pig!

Oct 19, 2015
Pig gets high

Watch out world – There is a new criminal on our streets. Beware of the weed-loving, felonious pig! Sounds crazy enough to be true and it partly is. Police in Australia encountered a rather difficult arrest when a pig refused to give up its stash.

The Bust

Officers in Queensland, Australia, responded to call about a disturbance on a property. When they arrived on the scene, they found a man trying to coax a huge hog out of the pigpen. Officers were shocked to discover the pig was ingest weed.

pig plant Marijuana And Modern Day Religion. Is It A Sin?
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Officers “observed a large feral pig consuming green leafy material” according to one officer who spoke to the Daily Mail Australia. That “green material” ended up being a 1.6 meter high marijuana plant. The marijuana just so happened to be owned by the man trying to persuade the pig not to consume his stash. Not to mention, in Queensland, growing and possessing marijuana is illegal. Possessing more than 50 grams or 100 plants can send you to jail for a maximum of 20 years!

But back to that weed hungry piggy…

The feral pig, which was being kept in a pen on the property, gave police some trouble while trying to obtain the plant. Since the pig was so large AND consuming the plant at the time, officers were in a bind on how exactly to go about this peculiar situation.

pig pig Marijuana And Modern Day Religion. Is It A Sin?
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After all the commotion in the pigpen was over, officers continued searching the property, which led them to discover 140 grams of marijuana. But the little piggy still wouldn’t give up his stash, so officers had to return to the property at a later time to collect what was left of the plant.

The outcome

A 44-year-old man has been charged with growing and possessing cannabis. He will appear in court on October 21. It should be interested to see what he was charged with since laws regarding cannabis are tight “down under”. Police also mentioned, “inquiries are continuing in relation to the pig”. But since then, police confirmed they would take no further action with the pig.

Can Pigs Get High?

And if you’re asking yourself, did the pig get high? Well, it was not confirmed by police, but we say, most likely yes. The effects of THC on animals, is the same as humans. THC works by attaching itself to specific receptors in the brain, which exist specifically to receive cannabinoids. The body naturally produces its own cannabinoids (called endocannabinoids) at specific times, which scientists suspect help to regulate pain relief and/or memory. Since THC and endocannabinoids share almost the same molecular structure, they can both connect to cannabinoid receptors, and thus both produce a “high” effect. Most living things possess cannabinoid receptors—including invertebrates.”

Kudos to the pig who stood up for what it believed in. We don’t blame it – when it’s good, it’s good. Have you ever heard people say, “when pigs can fly”? Well, they can’t fly, but they can get high!

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Oct 19, 2015