4 Cannabis Entrepreneurs Share Their Strangest Moments


Four cannabis entrepreneurs tell of the most unusual customers they have encountered from their time working in the industry.

Stephen Calabria
Dec 21, 2016
Cannabis Entrepreneurs

Anyone who has ever worked in retail knows that, over time, you are bound to run into some pretty strange people. Almost every person who works within a retail business has at least a few stories in their repertoire that would shock even the most worldly of listeners. That principle definitely holds true for cannabis entrepreneurs. What follows are four cannabis entrepreneurs, telling stories of the most unusual customers they have encountered from their time working in the industry.

Dan Ketterer, Green Dream Cannabis

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Prior to the launch of Foria and other personal lubricants, I had a middle-aged woman ask me, a 20-something male, if we had any personal lubricants. This made for a little bit of an awkward conversation at the time.

When I told her that we did not have anything of that sort, she proceeded to ask me how to make it from scratch. I had no idea because I was not aware that that could be done.

Now that personal lubricants have taken the industry by storm, it is not as awkward to converse with customers about these types of products. It is truly amazing how far we have come the past couple years!

Bryan Turbett, Helping Hand Dispensary

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Serving the public we encounter all sorts of odd questions. Most common are ‘Do we ship?’, or ‘How do I get this on a plane to take home?’, none of which are legal. But some of our favorite questions have been ‘How many seeds does it take to make a plant?’ or ‘How many brownies are in a 1/8th of cannabis?’

We do realize that not everyone is educated as much as we are and that’s o.k, that’s why we are here. The most toxic folks that we encounter are what I call ‘Pot Elitist.’ They think they know everything about cannabis and there couldn’t possibly be anyone that could know more than they do.

We had one guest that said they could smell the exact percentage of THC in each strain. We put his knowledge to the test, he failed. But the only possible explanation was that our tests were wrong. I have been in this industry for 15 years and I still learn something new everyday.

Greg Lepkoff, NY Vape Shop

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In our business, we ship vaporizers all over the world. Sometimes we ship to people who would rather not have other people know that they’ve just ordered a vape. (We’ve shipped to Army bases and hospitals, among other places.) It’s funny, because they always ask us to make sure that the order doesn’t have any identifying markings.

Here’s one of our favorites: ‘Please make sure not to write anything vape related on the packaging. This is being sent to my office and I don’t want anyone knowing what I ordered.’

Ariana Tibbets, Emerald Flower Farmacy

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One of the most coveted jobs in the cannabis industry is trimming. It’s laid back work, carries no real responsibilities, and pays relatively well for the work involved, typically $400-$600 per day for decent outdoor.

One particularly busy harvest season, good trimmers were hard to come by so I brought in a new crew that a friend had put me in touch with. Everything was going fine… for the first few hours, until it came time for lunch. Given that the workers were paid under the table in cash and had no stress like we did as the growers, it’s common for a trimmer to bring in a lunch pail or cooler to the site.

This new crew were, unbeknownst to me, expecting me to make them 2-3 meals per day, on top of the generous cash payment. And, since this was Humboldt, of course, these f*ckers were 100% hardcore vegan. After I picked my jaw up off the floor, I scrambled to get them some raw veggies and hummus, which required a 2.5 hour round trip due to the off-the-grid location of the site.

Needless to say, I spent the entire time making calls to find new trimmers, and that vegan crew never worked another day on my crop.

Stephen Calabria
Dec 21, 2016