Cannabis Moms Club: New Web Series Everyone Is Talking About

In the new web series from WhoHaHa, Cannabis Moms Club follows a group of hilarious moms unintentionally revealing their love for cannabis.

Aug 27, 2016

For years, wine has been a lifesaver for mothers. In fact, some moms would probably lose their shit if they didn’t get at least one glass a day. However, cannabis mommas prefer to toke at their Tupperware parties. In the new web series Cannabis Moms Club, a group of hilarious moms unintentionally reveal their love for cannabis. From jewelry parties to brownie parties, these ladies will burn one at any occasion. It’s time to toke a load off and meet the “unreal” housewives.

Cannabis Moms Club

Elizabeth Banks’ comedy platform, WhoHaHa, launched a new series on Monday about working moms who just so happen to smoke a little weed. Introducing Cannabis Moms Club is Quiet Duke, a female full-service creative production company.

Creators of the show are Kai Collins and Deena Adar, who met at an improv class at The Groundings in 2007. The two came up with the idea for the series while after seeing a post in a mommy group online. The post was a picture of a mom holding up a glass of wine with the caption, “It’s just been one of those days, are you with me mommas?”

Indeed, the post attracted a lot of positive attention from fellow moms. In fact, they encouraged her to “get her drink on”. So Adar figured, why not see how they react to a joint?

I was like wow, I wonder what would happen if we had a joint in our hand and did the same thing. Would the support from the moms be the same? We kind of wanted to explore these double standards using marijuana as the truth bearer.

Our series was really designed to create an authentic dialogue between moms and friends about how they actually feel about their kids, spouses and careers.

WhoHaHa: a platform promoting women in comedy

All it took was two days to shoot five episodes in a single location. The comedy duo used actors and crew members that they’ve previously worked with before. During post-production, they decided to reach out to WhoHaHa.

Initially, we intended to release the series on 4/20 to tie in with marijuana aspect. But we did a lot of research with regards to mommy bloggers and people blogging about cannabis. We also looked at online channels that have promoted women in comedy, and that’s how we came across WhoHaha.

Without delay, the two attempted to contact WhoHaHa but could not find a phone number. Instead, they filled out a basic “contact us” form. Shortly after, they got the call. The comedic duo was ecstatic to work with Banks, who is one of their comedy idols.

It’s an exciting time to be a woman in comedy, which I don’t think anyone’s ever said before. What WhoHaha has done is give a platform to women who have been trying to get their videos out there. And Elizabeth’s got such an amazing sense of comedic sensibility, that you know when you go to the site you’re going to see good content.

We knew that there was something missing in the world that helped support females in this particular part of this industry. After our launch, there was just a flood of incoming emails. The Cannabis Moms Club ladies reached out, we quickly got on the phone with them, loved the concept and said let’s go for it. It was a great fit, and great timing for our first show to launch.

Ultimately, if pot-smoking moms baking, painting, and dancing sound hilarious to you, you need to check out the series. will host the series in its player, and WhoHaHa is currently promoting it on their site.

Aug 27, 2016