These Handcrafted Cannagars Are The 420 For The One Percent

If you really want to indulge, you can now purchase some 420 for $420 thanks to these cannagars. But what ingredients are used to warrant such a price?

Jul 23, 2017

For most, when going to get their 420, the number normally refers to the green itself and not the amount of dollars spent. But for those that to have more of a disposable income, and appreciate the finer things in life, these cannagars cost $420, and are even being billed as the “420 for the 1%” on the company’s website.

These cannagars will get you super high

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That company is Leira Cannagars, which is based in Seattle, which “represents success, luxury, and sophistication.”

A cannagar is known to be one of the most exotic – not to mention, the most expensive – methods of consuming weed. That’s mostly due to the combination of high-end ingredients and the time-consuming construction. And that quality is why Leira Cannagars can fetch such high prices.

So, just what kinds of ingredients are used in the Leira products? The handcrafted cannabis cigars are made from organic flowers, which are glazed in solvent-free rosin, and sealed in cannabis leaves. The process means the cannagars can provide hours of smoking.

See for yourself

In this video, you’ll see the effort and processes that go into creating such high-end products, which are then turned into some impressive – albeit, expensive – cannagars.

To achieve this goal, we partnered with Gold Leaf Gardens to produce cannagars with their award winning flowers. Gold Leaf adheres to the principals of “living organics” using handcrafted soils amended with natural teas, beneficials, and nutrients to maximize microbial life.

Translation: plants fully expressing their genetic potential in regards to flavor, smell, and effect.

Jul 23, 2017