Cherry Pie: The Ultimate Indica-Hybrid For Fun And Relaxation

Cherry Pie is a sweet and sensual herb that is perfect for a chill evening out. Pick up this strain when you need both a mood boost and some relaxation.

Jan 18, 2017

Cherry Pie is a sweet flower with a seriously mellow attitude. Happy and joyous, this strain can lift spirits and deeply relax at the same time. Excellent for social gathers are laid back nighttime festivities, this strain is one you’ll want to share. All in all, this funky hybrid can help you wind down and have some fun.

Strain details

Cherry Pie The 1 Raspberry Kush: One Of The Most Popular Indica Hybrids Around
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Cherry Pie is a cross between two famous strains, Granddaddy Purple and Durban Poison. Granddaddy Purple is an indica strain with a delicious grapey aroma. Durban Poison is a fast-paced South African sativa that is generally thought to be high in a lesser known cannabinoid, tetrahydrocannabivarin (THCV).

The result is an indica-dominant hybrid with moderate to high potency. The strain can produce anywhere between 14 and 24% THC.

The higher the THC, the more sedative and heavy-lidded this strain can become. However, samples that test a little on the low side make for great choices for novice cannabis consumers.

As one might guess, Cherry Pie features a sweet and fruity aroma. Inheriting some of the berry qualities of Granddaddy Purple, this flower is a great one to use in infused desserts. However, this strain also features a pleasant earthy aroma, giving it a slightly savory quality.

The Cherry Pie experience

Cherry Pie The 2 Raspberry Kush: One Of The Most Popular Indica Hybrids Around
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Cherry Pie is a delightful hybrid that promotes an easygoing mood and relaxed atmosphere. Slightly indica-dominant, this strain is a great choice for taking in a sunset or spending some quality time with an old friend. Mild-mannered and mellow, Cherry Pie adds a nice rosy tint to practically any situation.

Unlike many sativa hybrids, which can cause feelings of raciness and energy, Cherry Pie produces a very calm, euphoric sensation. Relief from muscle tension and physical stress accompany this uplifting, contented experience.

Cherry Pie is a fairly nice strain for getting things done. Many find that it encourages concentration and creativity. This would be an excellent strain for painting, tuning into some great music, or other artistic ventures.

Cherry Pie has a reputation for increasing appetite, so having some snacks around while partaking is a good idea. In general, it creates a joyful and positive vibe all around.

Why do people use Cherry Pie

Cherry Pie The 3 Raspberry Kush: One Of The Most Popular Indica Hybrids Around
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Recreationally, Cherry Pie is excellent for just about any low-key event. This strain is happy and delightful, but with an underlayer of calmness and ease. Seemingly any event can be made better by this strain. Though, it isn’t a great choice for intense, active activities.

Rather, pick up this one when you’re looking for something easy without being too put down or stuck to the couch.

Medical cannabis consumers pick up this strain for a variety of ailments. Relief from chronic stress is one of the primary reasons people use this strain. Cherry Pie’s blissful nature can certainly help you unwind after a long day.

Other mental health conditions like depression and ADD/ADHD may respond well to Cherry Pie’s upbeat and focused experience.

This strain is also thought to ease mild to moderate aches and pains. If something is keeping you up at night, this is a good strain to keep near the bedside table. Many find that this entrancing flower can help you drift off to sleep.

Jan 18, 2017