Critical Kush: This Deliciously Potent Indica Will Put You To Sleep

Critical Kush is a smooth and relaxing indica with a woody aroma. This strain will send you into clouds of dreamy euphoria.

Dec 19, 2016

Whether you’re hoping to slow down after a long day or catch up on some much-needed rest, Critical Kush is a handy indica for the job. This strain is known for its high yields, euphoric high, and potent physical effects. This strain is sure to put you in a good mood, but it may also put you to sleep in a hurry. Here’s why Critical Kush will be your new favorite nightcap.

Strain details

Critical Kush Your 1 Cannabis Cultures Montreal Dispensaries Raided 24 Hours After Opening
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Critical Kush is a heavy indica flower from Barney’s Farm Seeds. A cross between Critical Mass and OG Kush, this strain has some world famous heritage.

Critical Mass is an indica known for producing large, branch-breaking colas. OG Kush is an American classic and features a euphoric and relaxing body high.

The THC in this strain typically averages somewhere in the low 20% range, though it can reach as high as 25%. Novice consumers may feel a little too sedated with this strain, especially when samples contain large amounts of THC. In large doses, this strain may cause dizziness.

This strain has inherited a strong woody flavor from its OG Kush relatives. Pine, earth, and a slight citrus are the key flavors in Critical Kush, coupled with a slightly sour, pungent fragrance.

Critical Kush buds glisten with amber colored trichomes and form large, heavy colas.

The Critical Kush experience

Critical Kush Your 2 Cannabis Cultures Montreal Dispensaries Raided 24 Hours After Opening
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The overall experience from Critical Kush buds is hard-hitting and deeply relaxing. The effects of this herb often begin around the eyes, creating a gentle numbing heaviness across the sinuses.

As an indica strain, the effects are predominantly sleepy and physical.

In high doses, this strain is couch-locking and relaxed. This strain is best saved for the evening, and not suitable for complex tasks that require a lot of detail.

Though drowsy, this strain also inspires a pleasurable and lasting euphoria.

The overall mood of Critical Kush is calm, happy, and subdued. In low to moderate doses, breathing in a puff or two is as relaxing as slipping into a warm bath.

Muscle tension and other signs of physical stress melt away and are replaced by a jolly haze.

Why do people use Critical Kush?

Critical Kush Your 3 Cannabis Cultures Montreal Dispensaries Raided 24 Hours After Opening
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Anyone who enjoys sitting down and watching a movie after work will enjoy Critical Kush. Those who like the classic heavy-bodied, deeply relaxed feeling from indicas will likely have a nice time with this aromatic flower.

As a word of advice, it might be wise to have some snacks ready. Critical Kush can increase appetite.

Medical consumers often use this strain for muscle spasms and pain management. This strain is almost narcotic-like in effect, easing muscles, aching joints, and helping patients fall into a blissful, deep sleep.

Other patients like it for relief from headaches and migraines. The strong numbing sensation the herb creates around the eyes and foreheads may be quite useful for some people.

Critical Kush is also a great choice for anyone who needs assistance with stress management. Chronic stress is one of the most common reasons patients pick up this strain.

Dec 19, 2016