Crystal Pepsi Is Coming Back And We Are Lowkey Pumped


90’s lovers rejoice, a classic cottonmouth quencher is coming back. Pepsi is re-releasing Crystal Pepsi!

Nostalgia makes us harken back to days gone by. Simpler times, they seem in our heads. Some things long gone that should have never left. In the world of soft drinks, many flavors have been tried and abandoned, to some hardcore fans’ dismay. But like an acid flashback, one of them is coming back for a limited time. People are losing their minds.


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There is a special place in our hearts for simple pleasures from our early years. For cannabis lovers, it might be a bong that reminds us of our youth. For some, it might be smoking that strain you fell in love with your senior year. But for others, it might be that cottonmouth quenching, cannabis craving we used to satisfy so long ago.

Crystal Pepsi

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A colorless copy of original Pepsi, this drink had artificial color cautioners obsessed as the one soda to deliver us all. Clarity was all the rage in the 90’s, and sparkling flavored waters began to hedge into the drink market. When drinks like 7-UP and Sprite were holding strong, this was Pepsi’s magic bullet to stay in the game.

Originally released by PepsiCo in 92 and 93, you might remember hearing Van Halen tell you how you needed one “Right Now.”

Obsession to revolution

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The clear cola that 90’s kids craved, Crystal Pepsi has an almost cult-like following. Woody Harrelson was such a character in Zombieland, where he searched the apocalypse for one more Twinkie. Online sellers list some of the last unopened bottles of the hoarded elixir for big bucks.

Fair warning, drinking a 20-year-old soda is not the brightest idea. Soda does not age like a fine wine.

With a Facebook page of over 7,000 members and an online petition with almost 40,000 signatures last year, people want it back. Their cries on the Pepsi company have not fallen on deaf ears.

The second coming

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The movement for a comeback included billboards in L.A., and a billboard bus. Tens of thousands of Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube comments later, Pepsi listened. By November of last year, the company told fans they could win one of 13,000 limited edition six-packs in time for Christmas.

With the fervor growing even stronger, Pepsi officially announced that the clear beverage will make a comeback. Limited runs will hit Canadian shelves in July, and American stores in August.

Are you going to grab some crystal clear goodness? Did you love or hate it when it first came out? What other products need to make a comeback? Tell us on social media or in the comments section below.