David Letterman Just Admitted He Once Accidentally Smoked Animal Tranquilizer

He was new to California and thought he was about to smoke weed, but David Letterman accidentally smoked animal tranquilizer.

Aug 22, 2017

Last Wednesday, when in the studio with Howard Stern, David Letterman got candid about cannabis. But the most memorable of his cannabis use was the time he thought he was smoking weed. He was new to California and thought he was about to smoke weed, but he accidentally smoked animal tranquilizer.

David Letterman and the accidental ingestion

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Yes, the former host of The Late Show recalled the occasion in which he visited his friend George Miller – the standup comedian who made many appearances on Letterman’s’ late-night shows – at the latter’s apartment, along with two female friends, where he accidentally wound up smoking weed that was laced with animal tranquilizer.

I’m new to California and I thought, ‘I guess this is what you do!’ They’re passing around a joint; and, I’m the dope from Indiana, and I take a hit, take another hit, and the young girl says, ‘You taste that?’

He did taste something, what he initially thought was mint, which is why he assumed it was mint-flavored cannabis. But, no, it was anything but another herb.

She says, ‘No, that’s PCP.’ And I said, not wanting to be a complete dope, ‘Oh, what’s PCP?’ And she says, ‘Oh, it’s animal tranquilizer.’ And I said, you know what? I just got out of there, and I just thought, ‘What? I don’t want, why?!’ I just thought, ‘Do you need that animal tranquilizer?’

It’s hard not to agree to agree with Letterman, though, as it’s best to keep it green.

Listen to the full interview with David Letterman on Howard Stern here.

Aug 22, 2017