This Domino’s Driver Delivered More Than Just Pizza

While he was out for a pizza delivery, this Domino’s driver decided he needed to show off a little more than he could handle.

Sep 25, 2016

A driver for Domino’s Pizza could lose his job after attempting to pop a wheelie on a busy London road. It would have been fine had he landed the trick, unfortunately, he didn’t. The man and his motorcycle came toppling to the ground, while horrified onlookers weren’t sure whether to laugh or panic.

Pizza paparazzi

While out for a delivery on his motorcycle, the deliverer was filmed trying to perform a trick for people on the street to see. While they cheered him on initially, laughter quickly followed when he toppled to the ground after not landing the wheelie.

He was attempting to show off, and made it quite a ways down the road, before losing his balance and falling to the ground. While the stunt would have normally been all in good fun, the motorcyclist endangered not only his life, but the lives of other drivers on the busy street.

No control

During the video, we see him make it down the street a few feet before falling over. Take notice of how closely the car is following behind him. Had that car been traveling even a mile or two quicker the man could have been left with some serious injuries.

Domino’s has said they’re investigating the incident and find the driver’s actions unacceptable.

The safety of the public and of our colleagues is of paramount importance and this is clearly wholly unacceptable behavior.

If found to be at fault, the driver faces losing his job as a pizza delivery boy. Perhaps that would be for the best, considering he clearly has little regard for the safety of the people around him. The joke was definitely on him, as he was forced to listen to the laughter of many people standing on the street, who had initially gathered to watch his wheelie.

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Sep 25, 2016