The True Story Of Dr Dina & Her Relationship With Snoop

The real-life Nancy Botwin is alive and well, still living in Southern California.

Jun 5, 2016

We’ve all seen the hugely popular television show “Weeds.” While the show was a work of fiction, it’s surprising to learn it was inspired by a real person. Nicknamed Dr. Dina by Snoop Dogg himself, she is the real life, legal version of Nancy Botwin, and not a doctor in any way. Dr. Dina’s escapades were certainly dramatized for viewing audiences, but the premise and plotline are somewhat true.

Nancy Botwin, meet Dr. Dina

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When Snoop asks for a medical cannabis recommendation letter, the best in the business jump, and deliver what the Dogg Father wants. In 2005, just as medical cannabis was making its way into California’s coast, Snoop enlisted the help of Dr. Dina, who actually obtained Snoop’s first ever legal cannabis card.

Dr. Dina continues to aid Snoop, among a myriad of other VIP’s and has officially become the first lady of cannabis.

Life imitating art

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In Weeds, Nancy Botwin was forced into the illegal drug trade after the unexpected death of her husband in an effort to maintain her suburban lifestyle. While Dr. Dina’s husband didn’t die, her engagement to the heir of Life Alert ended, and Dr. Dina had to find her own ways to maintain the lifestyle to which she had grown accustomed.

The similarities don’t stop there. Dr. Dina entered the cannabis industry in 2003, with the help of her lifelong best friend, Andrew. In the show, Nancy’s dimwitted brother-in-law is named Andy, and the two share an unshakable bond, perhaps it’s because the character is based on the real man. The fictional town of Agrestic, with the little house on the hillside, literally is an exact replica, almost down to identical welcoming fountains, of the pristine town of Calabasas, California where Dr. Dina lived.

And look at their physical similarities. Unbelievable.

Yes, the pilot was based on me. But Weeds is certainly not my life story. Nancy was a criminal drug dealer. Everything I do is 100% legal in accordance with state law. – Dr. Dina

What sparked Weeds?

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In 2003, a friend approached Dr. Dina with some unfortunate news. He had been diagnosed with stage three cancer and was having issues keeping Chemo pills down, which was hindering his treatment. Dr. Dina thoroughly researched medical cannabis and knew it could help her friend if only to ease his suffering long enough to keep the pills down.

The two set out to find a licensed physician willing to prescribe medical cannabis, which in 2003 was no easy task. After endless research, and countless doors slammed in her face, Dr. Dina took her friend from Southern California up to the Bay Area, where the two finally found a doctor willing to prescribe cannabis.

Dr. Dina was able to convince this physician to open a once-a-week clinic in Los Angeles, with the promise that she herself would run and manage the office. The first medical cannabis office in Southern California was born that day. Within three months, following the overwhelming success of the initial office, Dr. Dina helped six more cannabis physicians open practices in the L.A. area.

Dr. Dina’s vast clientele and rapid growth in the cannabis industry caught the attention of production executives and creative directors at Showtime. The studio was interested in creating a show based on the phenomenal life and times of this groundbreaking woman. They knew her connections, paired with their creative flare, would culminate in one of the most popular series in television history. And they were right.

Today, Dr. Dina works as a cannabis consultant to everyone in the industry. From non-profits to growers, to dispensaries, Dr. Dina is called upon by some of the most famous groups and people to do their cannabis bidding. Every year, she continues to acquire Snoop’s medical recommendation card for him, who offers his thanks by giving shout outs like:

Yeah, she kinda skinny but she gets my money, get my money, buy my medicine. – Snoop’s song “My Medicine.”

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Jun 5, 2016