This Gardening Book Just Proves That Weed Is Invading Mainstream Culture

Oct 1, 2017

With weed becoming profitable for many industries and businesses, it makes sense that someone would publish a helpful book for the first-time growers.

An even greener thumb

This Gardening Book 1 These Bible Belt Christians Believe That Weed Is God’s Perfect Medicine
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From how to grow fruit, vegetables, houseplants and more, you’d think that the authors of the popular book series What’s Wrong With... had run out of topics. But the latest book says otherwise.

The fifth title in the series is What’s Wrong with My Marijuana Plant? A Cannabis Grower’s Visual Guide to Easy Diagnosis and Organic Remedies, which was written by David Deardorff and Kathryn Wadsworth, and has been published by Ten Speed Press. By doing so, the authors and publisher can claim the first mainstream gardening books to offer practical advice on what is still a taboo subject to a lot of people.

Speaking to the Associated Press, co-author Deardoff says he’d “been interested in medicinal plants for some time. So it seemed perfectly natural to me to extend our series to What’s Wrong With My Marijuana Plant?

The small print

This Gardening Book 2 These Bible Belt Christians Believe That Weed Is God’s Perfect Medicine
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Before the book delves into how to get the best out of your green, the book’s introduction gets some important advice out of the way, which is reminding readers that the federal government still considers weed to be an illegal crop, and it’s best to check the laws of their state before starting a grow of any size.

Medical marijuana is now legal in 26 states. In some of those states you need a medical recommendation to grow it, but in others even recreation growers can now grow it, so it seemed like the timing was right. – David Deardorff

Because of the subject, Timber Press, the original publisher behind the earlier titles declined to publish the next book. At one point, the authors thought they might have to self-publish, but Ten Speed Press came to the party. “Another side to this is that we feel it’s crucially important that any plant to be used medicinally be grown organically, and our book helps people address any problems they encounter during the growing process using organic solutions,” says Wadsworth. He adds that the audience is not stoners. “Ninety percent of them are probably older women who are growing marijuana for medicinal uses.”

Growing for dummies

This Gardening Book 3 These Bible Belt Christians Believe That Weed Is God’s Perfect Medicine
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Despite the new publisher, the format stays the same as the earlier books in this series, which takes a visual and diagnostic approach that is helpful for those growing for the first time.

We focus on the first symptoms a grower can see with the naked eye. So in our book, there’s a picture of what that problem looks like and a detailed description so you can diagnose the problem. Then you can change the growing conditions accordingly.

To keep things as easy as possible, the book is divided into sections based on the parts of the plant, from the leaf to the stem, root, and flower.

If you’re looking to get a green thumb, and are new to growing, the book might just be for you – just remember that introduction, though.

Oct 1, 2017