Looks Like Gary Johnson Is The Healthiest Candidate For President

Not only is Gary Johnson the healthiest presidential candidate, he’s healthier than the average American, too.

Oct 8, 2016

The health of our next president is of great concern to much of America. Hillary Clinton has been rumored to have fainting spells. Donald Trump eats fast food every chance he gets and denounces exercise. However, the underdog candidate, Gary Johnson, is about as physically fit as they come. While his chances of actually taking the White House are rather slim, Johnson’s outstanding health might be a key part of his campaign strategy and help to boost his votes.

Marathon man

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For years, Gary Johnson has dedicated himself, not only to the legalization of cannabis and earning a seat in the White House but to physical fitness, something many Americans struggle with.

He has run an outstanding 17 marathons in his time. He’s competed in four Ironman Triathlons, rock climbs weekly and has even climbed to the seven highest altitudes on all continents. These climbs include Mount Everest, which he climbed right after breaking his leg.

There’s no question that his physical fitness is leaps and bounds ahead of that of Clinton and Trump.

He’s even released documents and statements from physicians that show he has perfect blood pressure, a normal pulse, weighs a healthy 172 pounds and continues to exercise at least one hour per day during his presidential race.

While he wishes there was time to exercise closer to two hours each day, the campaign could be considered exercise in and of itself.

In addition to his current health, Johnson has worked his whole life to maintain his fitness. He doesn’t drink or smoke cigarettes.

The pro-cannabis, former Cannabis Sativa CEO, has even sustained from smoking cannabis during the election. His dedication to the presidential campaign is unmatched by any other candidate.

Johnson’s one illness, that does not require that he take any medication, is Celiac Disease. This autoimmune disorder prevents individuals from digesting gluten.

Like many other sufferers, the only treatment is adhering to a strict gluten-free diet, which leads to a much healthier, fresher diet.

In comparison

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Not only is Johnson a healthy man in his own right, he blows the other presidential candidates out of the water.

Clinton has been at the center of many medical scandals and conspiracy theories. Voters have even insisted that she used a body double during a recent visit to New York and the 9/11 Memorial, where she appeared to faint, citing pneumonia, but then hours later reemerged looking the picture of health.

Conspirators insist she used a look-a-like to fool the public.

While the body double might be farfetched, it is known that Clinton is on multiple medications to sustain her wellbeing, including prescriptions to tame her thyroid and prevent blood clots.

The extent of her medical conditions remains a mystery to the general public because she refuses to release her full medical records.

And then there’s Trump. While he continues to make fun of overweight women and bash their physical appearance, he weighs 236 pounds, well over what doctors would consider healthy for his height, and is on medication to control his high cholesterol.

He doesn’t exercise and has said he believes the exaggerated hand motions he uses during speeches count as physical activity.

Aside from his unhealthy activities, he has also proclaimed his love for fast food and indulges any time he gets the opportunity.

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Oct 8, 2016