Girl Scout Cookies: A World-Famous Hybrid Loaded With THC

Have you ever tried Girl Scout Cookies? This powerful bud will bring your body down to earth and send your mind off to space. It’s also crazy high in THC.

Jun 1, 2017

Have you tried the Girl Scout Cookies strain? This flower is one of the most popular around. While cheerful and upbeat, this strong-armed hybrid provides a deep and relaxing high that’ll bring your body down to earth and send your mind off to space. This world-famous flower is loaded with THC, and it consistently ranks as one of the strongest buds available.

Strain details

When Girl Scout Cookies first hit the cannabis markets, it took the West Coast by storm. Now, this cheerful flower has an international reputation. The Girl Scout Cookies strain is a cross between two extremely famous strains, Durban Poison and OG Kush.

Durban Poison is a landrace sativa that provides a zippy, euphoric high. OG Kush is a potent yet balanced hybrid with a happy buzz.

It’s not uncommon for this strain to be one of the most potent on the shelf. Sometimes testing with up to 28 percent THC, it provides a soaring and powerful high.

Since this strain is so strong, it’s often used as a base for more potent cannabis products like Kurupt’s Moon Rocks. Moon rocks are bud dipped in hash oil and rolled in kief.

The Girl Scout Cookies aroma is one of a kind. When grown well, it tends to produce a variety, which are the flavor and aroma molecules found in the cannabis plant. As a result, the strain tends to have a complex fragrance, with heavy musk undertones and sharp hints of pepper and lemon.

For the cherry on top, this strain tends to have a slight floral sweetness. The combination of these qualities makes for a decadent and delicious bud with a slight cookie-like scent and taste.

The Girl Scout Cookies experience

Girl Scout Cookies 1 7 Things That may Happen the First Time you Smoke Weed
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Let’s not joke around here, Girl Scout Cookies is a seriously strong strain. However, those who can tolerate high doses of THC are in for a real treat. Though this hybrid is likely too potent for novices, the all around experience is mellow, easy, and relaxed.

This strain is likely to lean a little to the sedative side, providing a spacey yet deeply euphoric experience.

All in all, Girl Scout Cookies is not thought to be a particularly stable strain. There are several different phenotypes out there, including Platinum Girl Scout Cookies and Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies.

The effects of different phenotypes will vary, but the “true” Girl Scout Cookies often provides an interesting mix of cerebral head high and a soothing body numbness.

As with most high THC strains, Girl Scout Cookies can make you hungry. Having some munchies at the ready or some dinner plants is clutch before partaking in this blissful bud. Best saved for the afternoon or evening, Girl Scout Cookies might make it a little difficult to focus.

Though, this strain does have a reputation for inspiring creativity–just make sure you don’t forget your moments of artistic genius as soon as they pop up!

Why do people use Girl Scout Cookies?

Girl Scout Cookies 2 7 Things That may Happen the First Time you Smoke Weed
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Girl Scout Cookies is one of the most popular recreational strains out there. For those that want the full cannabis experience, complete with giggles, droopy eyes, euphoria, and downright relaxed silliness, this flower is for you.

Though this strain is strong, it provides a very nice and pleasant high overall. This strain won’t set you back like a potent indica bud, such as Afghan Kush.

Medical cannabis patients are also quite fond of Girl Scout Cookies. The high THC in this flower makes it optimal for patients in need of strong therapies. Due to the high terpene and THC content, this plant would be excellent to use while making full extract medical cannabis oil.

Otherwise, two of the most popular reasons patients pick of Girl Scout Cookies is for pain and stress management.

The strain is also popular among patients with mental health ailments like depression. While this strain is quite happy all around, it is especially uplifting when enjoyed with the presence of other people.

Both Girl Scout Cookies and social gatherings can inspire fits of laughter and a positive sense of well-being.

Jun 1, 2017