Strain Of The Day: Granddaddy Purple

On a quest for a strain that will help you sleep and knock out stress? Look no further than Granddaddy Purple.

Oct 16, 2016

Granddaddy Purple is a staple on West Coast dispensary shelves. This indica is famous for its high yields, colorful buds, and powerfully relaxing smoke. When you need some fast stress relief, GDP will certainly lend a hand. Pick up some of this bud when you’re ready to sit back and chill out. 

Strain details

Granddaddy Purple 1 African Americans At Greatest Risk For Cannabis Arrests
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The genetics of Granddaddy Purple (GDP) are A-plus. A cross between Big Bud and Purple Urkle, this strain has inherited quality high yields and a sedative experience from both parents.

It was developed by Californian breeder Ken Estes. He wanted to produce a strain that was not only excellent for pain, but easy enough for a novice to grow. The end result is a beautiful plant with fat, dense colas. The buds feature a variety of colors, including deep purples, forest green, and hints of red.

The THC content in Granddaddy Purple is fairly high. Expect to find flowers with 20% THC or more, making this strain best suited for those who know their way around some herb.

Like many top-notch purple strains, GDP features a sweet grape aroma with some underlying earthiness. In a way, the taste is similar to a sweet berry herbal tea.

The Granddaddy Purple experience

Granddaddy Purple 2 African Americans At Greatest Risk For Cannabis Arrests
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Smoking or vaping GDP is seriously like slipping into a warm bath. It’s calming, relaxing, and blissfully euphoric. The lovely indica effects wash away pain and muscle tension, allowing you to slip away from the physical signs of stress you’ve acquired throughout the day.

Granddaddy Purple is known for its physical effects, but the mental experience is not to be left out. GDP inspires a mellow-carefree vibe.

However, being a potent indica, you may quickly find yourself forgetting things. “Where did I put the remote?” and “Why did I just walk into this room?” are two questions frequently inspired by the sweet flower.

It doesn’t take much GDP to become couch locked. Save this strain for the evening or a rainy day when you have nothing to do. If you’re the type that struggles to sit and relax every once in a while, GDP might do you some good.

Why do people use Granddaddy Purple?

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Is it one of those nights when all you want to do is order take out and cuddle up on the couch? That just might be one of the best recreational uses for GDP.

This strain is super sleepy with a reputation for inspiring munchies. You’ll either find yourself absentmindedly wandering over to the fridge, or you’ll be wishing you had some tasty snacks.

The medical uses of this strain are quite pronounced. As GDP was bred for pain management, you can count on this indica to knock out chronic, nagging pain.

Those with never-ending aches from old injuries may find significant relief from this body-centered flower. Similarly, patients with muscle spasms also tend to place this strain high on their list. Anyone who has difficulty sleeping can benefit greatly from some Granddaddy Purple.

Appetite loss and gastrointestinal stress are thrown for a loop after a little GDP. Those with anxiety, PMS, and stress-related conditions tend to appreciate the calm and delightful contentment this strain provides. All in all, this is one powerful and therapeutic flower.

Oct 16, 2016