What Happens When Teens Ask Strangers To Buy them Weed

Check out the video from ABC’s “What would you Do?” to see the public’s reaction to “teens” trying to buy weed in Portland.

Feb 14, 2016

In an ABC “What would you Do?” video, four adult actors act as teenagers to test Portland residents. In pairs of two, each team of teens stakes out the same dispensary and asks passerby’s if they will buy them weed. Under law, Oregon dispensaries cannot legally sell to minors (under 21 years of age). Watch the full video below.

What are these people thinking?

The video raises a few questions about the reactions of these pedestrians. Is it the legal restriction that affects people saying “no,” or does helping someone out hinder the refusers in the video? Social interaction can be a turn off to some people who aren’t comfortable conversing with strangers, especially when the stranger is asking something of them.

Despite the fact this video makes you feel extremely awkward and uncomfortable, a few refusers raise some valid points.

A Teens Underdeveloped Mind

One woman asks the girls if they want it for medical or recreational use. When the girls say recreational, she doesn’t hesitate to refuse them, saying “you don’t deserve it.” She may have been a bit harsh, but under precedent, was she wrong?

Another woman who refuses the two girls tells host John Quiñones that an adolescent’s mind is underdeveloped, thus the potential reaction of a mind-altering substance, in her opinion, could have detrimental effects.

According to Mental Health Daily, a person’s mind doesn’t fully develop until the approximate age of 25. Do you think states are right to lawfully declare a person who is 21 the right to legally purchase marijuana? Should the age be older? Younger? Drop us a line on social media or leave a comment below to let us know what you think.

Feb 14, 2016