This Herb Portrait of Prof. Raphael Mechoulam Is Amazing

This artist helped to pay homage to the Father of Cannabis, and the herb portrait proceeds will help further medical cannabis research.

Oct 16, 2016

During the Cann10 gathering last month in Tel-Aviv, local artist Roy Znaty captivated the audience, as he constructed an entire herb portrait of Professor Raphael Mechoulam completely from Wingamn, a special blend of herbs that is mixed with cannabis for smoking. While this might seem strange to some of us in the states, it is common practice to mix cannabis with an additive in other parts of the world. Prof. Mechoulam, or the “Father of Cannabis” as he’s known, was on hand at the meeting and was blown away by the artwork.

Creating a fitting herb portrait

1 artist creates portrait raphael mechoulum herbs African Americans At Greatest Risk For Cannabis Arrests
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Roy Znaty didn’t want to use standard mediums to create his latest project. He knew the special portrait required a different approach and turned to the world of herbs from inspiration.

Since Znaty would be constructing the image of Prof. Raphael Mechoulam, the first man to ever isolate the THC molecule back in 1964, Znaty knew cannabis would be the most fitting material to use.

However, due to the laws of Tel-Aviv, Znaty rethought the plan, and decide to use a medium that was equally important to Prof. Mechoulam; Wingman.

Wingman is the world’s first special blend of terpene-infused herbs, used as a non-addictive additive for cannabis. 85% of medical cannabis consumers in Israel mix their medication with tobacco.

For a healthier alternative, researchers from Eybna Technologies developed Wingman. Like isolating the THC molecule, Prof. Mechoulam was the first to describe a synergist effect between cannabinoids and terpenes, which has been seen to enhance cannabis’ efficiency. Znaty didn’t think twice after choosing this medium.

Revealing the masterpiece

2 artist creates portrait raphael mechoulum herbs African Americans At Greatest Risk For Cannabis Arrests
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After more than six hours of creating, Znaty was excited to reveal his artwork to Prof. Mechoulam himself. Upon viewing the portrait, Prof. Mechoulam let out a chuckle and swore he looked much younger in herbs. The jovial professor autographed the image and shook hands with Znaty, thanking him for constructing such a beautiful tribute.

The terpene-based herbs are a perfect way commemorate Prof. Mechoulam and all of the ground-breaking research he has contributed in the area of medical cannabis.

What was once thought to be nothing more than a low-level intoxicant is now understood to be an important medicinal tool, used worldwide, thanks in large part to the research Prof. Mechoulam conducted.

In a time when it was still strictly prohibited to explore the medical properties of cannabis, the professor took a risk many were not willing to take and helped develop much of the knowledge of the cannabis plant that we have today.

Znaty was happy to pay homage to the man who has done so much for the cannabis world. Even beyond his cannabis research, Prof. Mechoulam continued to make advances with other natural herbs and remedies that give patients an alternative option when it comes to their medical treatment.

During the Cann10 meeting, Znaty felt honored to complete such an iconic portrait that will help to preserve the messages of the “Father of Cannabis.”

The image is set to be auctioned off, with all of the proceeds being donated to furthering medical cannabis clinical research.

Oct 16, 2016