Have you been duped? Here’s what the feds don’t want you to know about cannabis legalization.

Not every argument is created equal when it comes to cannabis legalization. And unfortunately, most of us can’t tell the difference. Don’t be fooled!

Jul 4, 2015

The legalization of cannabis should be straightforward, right? Wrong.

The closer we get to nationwide decriminalization, the more pressing the argument becomes for full-blown cannabis legalization. As this discussion becomes prevalent, it’s crucial that cannabis advocates come to the table with the right arguments.

Unfortunately, some powerful points that appear to be leading the charge will actually prove detrimental in the end. One of these such arguments has to do with CBD.

Have you heard of the argument for ‘whole plant medicine’? This refers to the fact that the efficacy of one cannabinoid is dependent on the other cannabinoids, meaning CBD extract will not yield the same results as CBD-dominant flower. It turns out, this distinction is the game-changer.

Stop unknowingly perpetuating destructive cannabis advocacy, and share this informative video to spread awareness. Let’s build a powerful band of support asking for the correct policy changes!

Jul 4, 2015