3 Things You Need To See If You’re A Cannabis Concentrate Connoisseur

If you love to partake with a highly potent cannabis concentrate you need to take a look at some must-see options for the conniseur.

Mar 8, 2016
cannabis concentrate

Cannabis concentrate is an extracted form of the cannabis plant where all of the plant cannabinoids are pulled from the plant and reduced into a liquid form which is dried into shatters, waxes, and hashish. This extracted medicine is the most  potent edible and smokable brain-kicking form of cannabis today.

It is smoothly delicious and can be made from any variety of favorite strains, with long lasting effects, and one of the cleanest highs at moderate to lower dosages, offering a lot of energy and medicinal relief without the extra chemicals from smoking flower (buds). Concentrates can have mind blowing comatose highs at larger doses.  Here we look at some sweet concentrate kicks for all you concentrate connoisseurs out there.

1. Abra Ca Dabs festival

1 concentrate connoisseur abracadabs These People Cried When High And The Reasons Are Hilarious
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This is the 2nd annual two day dab festival with hundreds of award winning vendors showcasing the greatest products of the 2016 line-up. It is held at the NOS Event Center located in San Bernardino, California from March 26th – 27th. The festival will feature live music, arts, and concentration medicating areas for all stoners and party goers.

This is one event the connoisseur will not want to miss! A valid doctor recommended medical card is required for access to the 215 medicating area of the festival. Learn more at www.abracadabsfestival.com and reserve your tickets for this awesome and heady concentrate trip.

2. The Nectar Collector

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This new style of dabbing goes levels beyond the general dab rig set up allowing the vertical use of a small handheld glass piece to get those perfect hits without waste that comes with the expensive rig.  These devices have just hit the market in recent years and range from between $100 to $1000 often having a water percolator for smooth delicious hits.

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These devices work much like the way a hummingbird collects flower nectar. A titanium tip is heated by blow torch to a red lit tip which can be placed right in your container of dabs to suck up as much of the gooey golden goodness as you want to indulge. These little devices are perfect for on-the-go where your bong just won’t cut it and are great at dab parties for sampling different varieties, or getting a quick hit in, or just sitting around the house taking your time with a whole gram to the head.

3. The Extract Future

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With the upcoming popularity and science of medical marijuana extracts medical patients are finding relief like never before and as this science progresses exact cannabinoids will be made into precise extracts for specific pain relief. Over time, these sciences will create extract products focused for specific use without the additional side-effects that come with variations of the smoked marijuana flower.

This is the future of extract science as cannabis gets more credible medical field research and care, as well as the awareness of its means for use in the American legal system throughout the United States with the possibility to replace big pharma.

Do you have some concentrate recommendations for the dab loving connoisseurs out there?  Let us know on social media or in the comments section below.

Mar 8, 2016