7 Indica Strains Every Star Wars Stoner Should Smoke

Are you a Star Wars fan? Here are 7 top-notch indicas designed with you in mind.

May 4, 2017

Are you a major Star Wars fan? Luckily for you, there are entire lines of cannabis strains dedicated to celebrating the decades-long pop culture phenomenon. Whether you’re hoping to chill with a video game after work or want to dive into an hours-long movie marathon, the force is strong in Star Wars buds. Here are seven indica cannabis strains for every Star Wars fan.

1. Skywalker

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Skywalker is a Dutch Passion cross between Blueberry and Mazar, two indica strains with a sweet flavor and aroma. The resulting flower, Skywalker, is a drowsy and deeply relaxing bud that’s perhaps as mighty as it’s namesake.

Unlike many indica buds, this strain does not tend to provide much of a foggy mental experience. Rather, it tends to be calm, mellow, and easygoing.

The THC in Skywalker often averages about 15 percent, which makes this a great indica for novice or moderate cannabis consumers looking for a low-key way to gain some experience with the herb. As a warning, novices may find that this bud may leave them stuck to the couch.

2. Skywalker OG

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Skywalker OG might just be a more intense version of Skywalker. While the THC in Skywalker is considered fairly moderate, the psychoactive often reaches levels over 20 percent in Skywalker OG.

A cross between Skywalker and OG Kush, this bud tends to produce less of a sedative effect and more of a beaming, euphoric high. The force is certainly strong in this one.

3. Yoda OG

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The origins of this potent green monster are a little mysterious. It’s thought that Yoda OG is either an offspring of the famous Chemdawg or OG Kush, but no one is quite certain. Regardless, this flower is thought to be mostly indica. True to form, Yoda OG provides a deep and sedative experience and an extremely dank aroma.

This strain will leave you slow moving and contemplative, perfect for cuddling on the couch and enjoying the classic 1970s Starwars flicks. (After all, episodes IV, V, and VI are for sure the best). Expect an average of 19 percent THC from this psychoactive.

4. Death Star

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Apparently, Star Wars fans are in love with the indica strains. Death Star is a pain-obliterating cross between two extremely powerful strains, Sour Diesel and Sensi Star. The resulting flower is extremely pungent, with strong citrus and fuel-like aromas.

Providing a powerful body high and a giggly mental euphoria, many people pick up Death Star for relief from mental health ailments like chronic stress and depression. A perfect bud for cannabis-savvy individuals looking to wind down, this flower can produce over 20 percent THC.

5. Jedi Kush

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Bred by the Cali Connection, Jedi Kush is a potent indica cross between Death Star and SFV OG Kush. In fact, this strain is often considered a 100 percent pure indica.

Even at first sniff, this bud is sure to take you to a galaxy far, far away. A rolling euphoric fog takes over the mind while a heavy-bodied sensation provides pain relief and helps you unwind and relax.

This strain typically has a sharp, skunk aroma with pleasant hints of diesel fuel likely inherited from its Death Star ancestry. The THC content is quite potent, often featuring up to 25 percent THC. With a number like this, Jedi Kush is often best saved for those with some cannabis experience.

6. Darth Vader OG

A hauntingly beautiful purple indica, Darth Vader OG is an ultra-powerful bud with Afghani heritage. If difficulty sleeping is making you a bit crazy, Darth Vader OG can certainly knock you out.

Sleepy, heavy-lidded, and slow-moving, Darth Vader OG is truly a force to be reckoned with. Unlike the evil supervillain, however, this strain tends to provide euphoric and happy feelings of ease and relaxation.

7. Jawa

Bred by Rare Dankness Seeds, Jawa is a hybrid cross between Skywalker OG and Afghani strains. Like most buds in the Star Wars lines, Jawa may lean a little indica-dominant. Though, most can get away with consuming this strain in the early afternoon.

This bud is extremely popular among those hoping to find relief from anxiety, and it tends to provide consumers with an uplifting and creative high. Don’t be surprised to find yourself lost in a daydream or giggling away at some sort of nonsense after a few tastes of this fruity, sour bud.

May 4, 2017