Did Malia Obama Just Get Caught Smoking Weed At Lollapalooza?

It appears the First Daughter takes after dear old dad, as Malia is caught in this somewhat sneakily filmed clip of her enjoying herself.

Aug 11, 2016

It looks like the love of cannabis has hit even the highest political circles. It appears the First Daughter takes after dear old dad, as a video has emerged of Malia Obama at a concert. In the video, you can see her avoiding the camera as she puffs on a hand rolled “something”. Good for you, girl! 

Is Malia enjoying the good stuff?

Generally, you don’t reach back to take a puff off someone else’s cigarette and then hand it back. This “puff, puff, pass” was probably grass. You can be sure that the public will create an uproar over this, but truth be told, we should be proud. Illinois recently decriminalized possession up to 10 grams.

The Lollapalooza music festival took place on July 31st in Chicago. Other video shows the 18-year-old dancing and having a good time with friends. The person who leaked the video, 18-year-old Jerrdin Selwyn, is quoted as saying:

I caught Malia smoking pot and I have the pictures to prove it. You could smell the marijuana smoke. I saw some young guy hand her a cigarette and she took at least one hit.

Who cares what the world thinks

We should show our support for her choice to embrace the herb, and let it shine as a beacon of acceptance. We can only hope she one day advocates for it as fervently as the rest of us. But until Barack gets out of office, that doesn’t seem likely.

Malia already has our attention for her independence when she skipped the DNC event to go to the concert. Other incidents place her at The Sugar Factory in Amsterdam earlier this year.

You know, some presidents cash in on the fame of office in different ways. Some write books, some speak at seminars. What would be the odds of the first President to start his own cannabis label be? How about his daughter? Any takers on that bet?

Regardless, she had fun

There’s no better way to enjoy the herb than with great music and lots of people having a good time. Malia must be under a lot of pressure. At least she is starting to make responsible choices in how she chooses to unwind.

Aug 11, 2016