9 Things You’ll Understand If You’re A Medical Cannabis Patient

Medical cannabis patients can face a lot of gruff. Here are nine truths that every medical consumer probably knows all too well.

May 17, 2017

The world can be a tough place for medical cannabis patients. For many, the plant is the only thing that works. Yet, it can be tough to prove exactly why the herb works so well. It can also be difficult to show people that cannabis is about more than getting a quick “high”. Here are 9 things you’ll only understand if you’re a medical cannabis patient.

1. This shit isn’t made up

9 Things Youll 1 6 Totally Relatable Things If You Spend More Than $30 Weekly On Weed
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Medical cannabis is a real thing. It’s not uncommon to hear those less informed about the herb poke fun at all of those “medical cannabis patients” out there that want to get high.

Naysayers also argue that cannabis is not a panacea, and there is no way for one plant to have such far-reaching medical potential.

While those who are not in severe pain or do not have a chronic medical condition to take care of may not fully appreciate the amazing potential of the cannabis plant, many medical patients quickly realize the value and effectiveness of the herb after just a few days of treatment.

To learn more about why cannabis works as a medicine, check out this article.

2. If you find a product that works, stock up

9 Things Youll 2 6 Totally Relatable Things If You Spend More Than $30 Weekly On Weed
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Not all cannabis products are created equal. If a certain strain tends to work for you, it can be frustrating when a dispensary or access point runs out of stock.

Further, not all tinctures or cannabis oils are the same. Sometimes, one run can work fantastic, and the next batch might be a little off. Once patients find something that really works, many find that stocking up while the going’s good is their best bet for hanging on to effective medicines.

3. Talking with your doctor can be difficult

9 Things Youll 3 6 Totally Relatable Things If You Spend More Than $30 Weekly On Weed
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Small smirks, eye rolling, ambiguous comments, and jokes are commonplace among patients trying to chat with their primary doctors about medical cannabis. This can be especially true if you live in less canna-friendly regions or are a patient at a giant healthcare conglomerate.

Though many professionals are finally studying up about medical cannabis, many find that they’re the ones schooling the professionals on how they use the herb and what benefits it provides for their given condition.

4. Finding a canna-savvy doctor is like striking gold

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Let’s face it, most doctors really don’t know much about medical cannabis. Many are unable to talk about the herb or recommend it to patients in need. Going to a private practice can be expensive, and many insurance companies may not cover care from small, independent clinics and family practices.

If you do happen to have the funds and manage to find a doctor who really knows how to work with the plant, hang on tight. Most medical professionals have no training in respect to the most basic aspects of medical cannabis. Finding someone who knows about strains, dosages, local brands, and can suggest products is even more challenging.

Bottom line? Finding your perfect match is like finding the partner of your dreams.

5. Cleaning out medicine cabinets filled with old prescriptions feels amazing

9 Things Youll 5 6 Totally Relatable Things If You Spend More Than $30 Weekly On Weed
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Benzos? Who needs them! Painkillers? No way! While not everyone can completely give up pharmaceutical medications in exchange for cannabis, there are certainly a lot of people who do. After years of trying various pharmacopeia, nothing feels better than finally eliminating or reducing pills and ineffective remedies.

A small study from a Canadian licensed medical cannabis producer found that 30 percent of the 271 survey respondents admitted to using cannabis as a replacement for prescription painkillers. 16 percent mentioned that they use cannabis instead of benzodiazepines, and 12 percent said that they preferred cannabis to prescription antidepressants.

6. So does taking charge of your own health

9 Things Youll 6 6 Totally Relatable Things If You Spend More Than $30 Weekly On Weed
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Health care systems can be a royal pain to deal with. After you finally get an appointment, you may be passed on from specialist to specialist and given prescription after prescription without anyone really touching on the root cause of what ails you.

Many times, when patients begin to dabble in medical cannabis, it opens the door to a whole new form of self-healing. Most doctors won’t suggest medical cannabis upfront, and patients are left to explore for themselves.

While frustrating, discovering your own path to health can awaken newfound understandings of both yourself and the world around you. That form of self-discovery is invaluable and feels amazing.

7. There’s no shame in your medicine being a little fun

9 Things Youll 7 6 Totally Relatable Things If You Spend More Than $30 Weekly On Weed
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Medical and recreational cannabis are two different things. While many strains are used for both purposes, medical cannabis consumers tend to need specialty products and often gravitate toward strains with varying cannabinoid profiles. Still, one of the major benefits of medical cannabis is its mood-boosting properties.

Patients with serious and life-threatening diseases like cancer or chronic conditions like fibromyalgia can seriously benefit from the euphoric mood and happy “high” that cannabis provides.

While it is difficult for some to think of a psychoactive plant as “nourishing”, the laughter and joy that cannabis inspires are reasons why people find it an effective medicine.

8. Buying medical cannabis at a recreational dispensary is gross

9 Things Youll 8 6 Totally Relatable Things If You Spend More Than $30 Weekly On Weed
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Now that recreational cannabis is a think, progressive states have started to combine medical and recreational cannabis facilities. Unfortunately, the people affected the most by the closing of medical-only shops are the patients.

Walking up to a counter and trying to order a product that will ease the symptoms of Crohn’s or Parkinson’s Disease while the person next to you asks for a juicy strain to share with buddies at a frat party can be humiliating. It also means that a medical patient may not be able to get exactly the care and attention they deserve.

9. Hearing people say cannabis is just placebo has got me like…

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Hey, now. Don’t knock it until you try it. Most medical cannabis patients have spent years trying various different types of medications, many of which likely cost a pretty penny and came with severe side effects.

It may be hard to believe that a simple herb can transform someone’s life, but cannabis is no ordinary plant, now is it?

May 17, 2017