Could Micro-Dosing Cannabis Be The Secret To Great Sex?

Micro-dosing is one of the most important and often overlooked aspects of using cannabis to improve sexuality and intimacy.

Jul 12, 2017 - Tiffany King

Micro-dosing cannabis for medical reasons is gaining steam is an efficient way to hit the system with beneficial cannabinoids without bringing about a high. But the naughty in us would be remiss if we didn’t also apply the many benefits of micro-dosing to sex.

Micro-dosing for greater sex

Could Microdosing Pot new These Handcrafted Cannagars Are The 420 For The One Percent
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Cannabis has long been viewed as an aphrodisiac, but it’s common knowledge that too much pot can tamper with sexual ability and/or leave one feeling much too lethargic for a decent sexual experience. That’s precisely why incorporating a micro-dosing practice to enhance sex can be a very stimulating concept.

So how exactly does the micro-dosing approach work when it comes to sex? The Passionate High – A Lovers Guide to Cannabis, authored by Nick Karas explores this very titillating combination. Karas told Leafly,

Micro-dosing is one of the most important and often overlooked aspects of using cannabis to improve sexuality and intimacy.

His belief is that cannabis enhances the sensuality of the mind and body when correctly administered.

When incorporating the right strain, dosage and intention, cannabis users report that it increases sexual stamina and skill, awakens creativity, prolongs orgasms and intensifies the emotional bonding between partners.

How much is enough?

Could Microdosing Pot 2 These Handcrafted Cannagars Are The 420 For The One Percent
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Since micro-dosing incorporates low doses of cannabis without creating perceptible psychoactive effects, the buzz takes place via a heightened bodily sensation instead. This leaves you fully present and yet relaxed in subtle ways. But how much (or how little) cannabis do you need for higher levels of sexual satisfaction?

Andrew Mieure, owner of Top Shelf Budtending suggests that 2.5mg-5mg is quite enough to get the job done. Mind you, this doesn’t take into account individual tolerance levels, but the average regular pot smoker might derive the same benefits from 1-2 small flower hits.

Smoking methods with higher intensity, say dabbing may not work very well as it is difficult to microdose with concentrated cannabis. However, low dose edibles, light smoking or vaping and tinctures work better for this scenario.

Why microdose instead of just getting high?

Could Microdosing Pot 3 These Handcrafted Cannagars Are The 420 For The One Percent
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As mentioned earlier, too much pot can give you some serious couchlock. Paranoia or anxiety can also become a disruption, especially when the end goal is some sweet lovemaking. Instead, micro-dosing can give you senses the bang they need, without the head trip.

Also, micro-dosing saves you time. Say you’re in the mood for a morning quickie, but you can’t smoke too much because you have things to do. Micro-dosing can get the body nice and buzzed for the act without depleting your energy levels thereafter.

Micro-dosing weed is also great for parents who often have to sneak one in before the kids come knocking. Parents can derive more pleasure from quickies; how efficient!

Any lovers out there want to feel a bit more satisfied in the sheets (or elsewhere)? Try incorporating a bit of cannabis into your foreplay routine. Nick Karas of The Passionate High may have put it best,

It’s a euphoric, electrified and sensual experience.

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