If You Can’t Eat Due To Nausea, Then Smoke These Strains To Munch The F*ck Out

Whether it’s just your average Sunday morning hangover or a recurring medical condition, these strains will get you back to eating your favorite foods.

Oct 8, 2017
OG Kush Strains for stress

On the grueling days when nausea has you squirming, it can be hard to concentrate, motivate yourself, and least of all eat. For some people, this paralyzing state of affairs is called Sunday morning, but for others, it can be a recurring bout of illness that rears its head for no apparent reason. The solution is not always simple, and there’s something altogether unwholesome about knocking back a whole jug of neon pink feel-good juice.

So, what are we to do about that sick-to-your-stomach feeling? If you’ve come this far you already know that the answer is cannabis, but what are the strains that will help the most when it comes to nausea?

Allevi8 Jack Herer 24 These Bible Belt Christians Believe That Weed Is God’s Perfect Medicine

Jack Herer

This Sativa-dominant hybrid is named for the author of the Emperor Wears No Clothes – who was also known as the Emperor of Hemp. As a medical strain, we could hardly pass this one up since it was created by Sensi Seeds and distributed to pharmacies in the Netherlands in the 90s. With somewhat of an even blend between Indica and Sativa, this strain will help lift your spirit without launching you totally into the clouds. Often recommended to cancer patients it is sure to take care of that dizzying feeling within a few minutes.

Dallas Buyers OG Kush 3 These Bible Belt Christians Believe That Weed Is God’s Perfect Medicine

OG Kush

If you want something to eliminate that sick to your stomach feeling, but you’d still like to keep your head spinning this is the strain for you. A hybrid of legendary status OG Kush will cure what ails you with a burst of energy or a good nap depending on the phenotype you prefer. Just make sure you keep it locked away somewhere airtight because this strain has a distinct and powerful aroma. On the upside, it’s fast acting and will leave you feeling blissful, as if you were walking in the woods, while you’re melting into your couch.

Allevi8 Sour Diesel 28 These Bible Belt Christians Believe That Weed Is God’s Perfect Medicine

Sour Diesel

Another legendary strain Sour Diesel is Sativa that is a top choice among medical patients. People usually like this strain for its energetic high and migraine relief, but its effect on appetite and nausea will have you raiding the fridge in no time.  As the name might suggest, Sour Diesel has quite a strong aroma. While many call It the perfect daytime strain because of its uplifting qualities, it does have the potential to knock you out in higher doses.

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Berry White

This Indica is as sweet and smooth as its R&B namesake. It will take care of your nausea and hold you comfortably for a few hours. What it probably won’t do is write you a song, but you could always throw something on while you relax and enjoy. Heavy on the munchies, this strain will surely bring back your appetite while lighting a fuse in your brain that’ll have your thoughts flowing quite freely. The head high for Berry White might make it a little difficult to concentrate, but its sweet flor is a fair tradeoff. The strain brings with it a mellow body high without gluing you to the couch like other Indicas.

Allevi8 Chemdawg 48 These Bible Belt Christians Believe That Weed Is God’s Perfect Medicine


If all else fails, go with chemo. This BC born strain of Indica was said to have been created by scientists to fight the side-effects of chemotherapy. Short of being hit over the head with a pine tree this is the closest you’ll come to being knocked out by something with a strong foresty aroma. A small dose will take care of your nausea since that is what it was designed to do. Just don’t make any plans for the night and be sure to stock your kitchen. As many patients have attested this strain will help you to think clearly, but you may have to wait a while before acting on those thoughts – unless it’s a trip to the fridge. In any case, this strain will bring back your appetite with a vengeance. The only downside is that some consider Chemo to have a harsh citrus bite which might make vaping the best option.

Oct 8, 2017