Panda Bears Aren’t Endangered Anymore So Smoke These Strains To Celebrate

Enjoying one of these panda-inspired strains is a great way to celebrate the Giant Panda Bear being removed from the endangered species list.

Sep 10, 2016

It is official: Giant Panda Bears are no longer part of the endangered species list! The International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) announced September 4, panda numbers are increasing, according to China’s forestry agencies. The panda population has gained more than 500 new members over the last year, thanks in large part to the regrowth and replanting of China’s forests. In celebration of this fantastic news, why not celebrate with two Panda-inspired cannabis strains? These specialties will leave you higher than a bear in a bamboo forest, and just as hungry.

Panda OG

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This sativa-dominant hybrid is quite the treat. Made specifically by Grow Ops Farm for their Phat Panda line, Panda OG has a tangy, pungent, earthy smell that is distinct to the strain.

A combination of the OG Chem strain and the Berry Sour Cream stain, it’s no wonder where the strong, spicy stink comes from. Both of these sativa-dominant strains also carry a punchy smell.

Each hit leaves a sour taste behind, which tends to linger on the tongue. Sweet undertones of berry help elevate the flavor and leave users with an all-around delightful experience.

Panda OG has powerful medical effects. The strain offers users a long-lasting head buzz, while still offering the relaxing body high we all love. This truly unique hybrid might be sativa-dominant, but it definitely has some indica traits.

When experiencing a stressful situation, Panda OG is great at calming anxieties and fears. If hunger needs to be increased, this strain will certainly live up to the name and leave users with a Panda-sized appetite.

Sleeping is another of the Giant Panda’s favorite activities. So, naturally, the strain can help patients suffering from insomnia, too.

Golden Panda

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Another sativa-dominant strain, but with some very different qualities, is Golden Panda. These beautiful buds have some pretty spectacular properties that even real pandas might be jealous of. A cross-breed of the coveted Golden Pineapple strain and the delectable Gold Nugget strain, Golden Panda is a truly exquisite love child.

The Golden Panda strain closely resembles the makeup of the famous Girl Scout Cookies, the award-winning cannabis strain created by rapper Berner, and used to make elusive Moon Rocks.

It shares the same earthiness, with an unmistakable aroma and beautifully formed trichomes. Users should prepare for an ultra-intense high that lasts and lasts.

The cannabis strain is almost neon in color, with fluffy, full flowers. It tastes fruity and spicy, with lingering flavors. Golden Panda is part of the Kush family, so its medicinal properties are strong and long-lasting.

Conditions like physical discomfort or pain, loss of appetite and decreased energy can be improved with the use of this miraculous strain. Users will experience a heavy, full-body high, but remain uplifted and stimulated mentally.

As the Giant Panda populations continue to increase, the cause for celebration is ongoing. Finally, conservation efforts are paying off and revealing the truly life-saving benefits a little extra effort can have on the environment as a whole.

Smoke up in honor of the Giant Pandas today and never forget the impact you, yourself, can have on wildlife.

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Sep 10, 2016