Move Over, Whizzinator – The Piss Perfect Alternative Is Here

This new fetish product, the Piss Perfect, might just be your “golden ticket” to passing even the most invasive drug tests.

Sometimes you need to pee. Other times, you want to, but can’t. If reliable performance and results are paramount, even without the physical necessity, then one company has the solution.

Piss Perfect

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Wizclear is the leading provider of alternative sex toys on the market. Their new product, the Piss Perfect, shows just how dedicated they are to creating the most realistic, synthetic golden shower experience. Really, this thing is perfect.

The Piss Perfect is a medical grade synthetic urine device complete with a prosthetic penis that looks (and feels) like the real thing – veins, wrinkles, and all. It comes with a support belt, syringe, urine pouch, a package of Rapid Clear Clean Pee, and sticky heat pads to maintain a realistic body temperature for 8 hours, allowing toxin-free urine play without the risk of spreading disease.

At first look, it appears to be a Whizzinator clone. It works almost identically and offers that nearly-silent flow system you can operate with just one hand. After filling the urine pouch, you can strap the belt on, flip the silent switch, and let the urine flow.

Unlike some other products on the market, it doesn’t make a “click” when opening the valve to dispense the urine, which creates a more lifelike experience. However, the Piss Perfect comes with a redesign to the waist band that gives just the right amount of pressure to create that realistic flow.

Perfect look, perfect performance

The Piss Perfect is available in 5 realistic skin tones (white, tan, latino, brown, and black), but this is where Wizclear really outdid themselves. Rather than spraying on the color, which can cause the prosthetic penis to fade and become discolored after repeated use, they mixed the skin tone colors directly into the silicone during manufacturing. The durability of this new fetish device will allow you to use it over and over again – just make sure to stock up on extra hand warmers, urine, and cleaner.

The Piss Perfect also comes with one added bonus – the price tag – as it enters the market at $20 below the price of competitor products.

And, if fake penises aren’t your thing (but you still want to get your kink on), Wizclear offers an entire line of discrete synthetic urine products.

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