Medical Cannabis Ice Cream Is A Thing Now

Being the first of its kind in Canada, will you be trying cannabis-infused ice cream, the newest addition to the edibles market?

Apr 24, 2017

Remedy Ice Cream is a new company founded on the principles of providing high-quality medicine to their patients. And in many cases, customers would prefer to consume their medicinal cannabis instead of smoking it. That’s how Remedy Ice Cream decided to infuse high quality concentrated cannabis into an ice cream.

Dancing around the law with medicinal dessert

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Remedy Ice Cream founder Chris Vasconcellos says the ice cream is meant for licensed medical patients only. Being a medical patient himself, he said he was looking for a different way to consume THC, which resulted in the inspiration of infusing ice cream.

He doesn’t have a license to distribute cannabis products, so Vasconcellos is extra cautious when deciding who he sells to. But he is still willing to talk publicly about what he does.

He’s created a widespread online presence and has been making the rounds on cannabis-friendly radio stations and podcasts, promoting the product as a first of its kind in Canada.

Vasconcellos said he makes the ice cream in small batches, with each batch resulting in about 30 four-ounce containers. His website states a minimum order of six containers is required, each priced at $15 per container.

We do local deliveries in Calgary and then for Canada-wide we do shipping, next day, with dry ice so it’s guaranteed to arrive there frozen.

There’s always that worry of being caught or hassled or questioned or arrested or anything like that. But really, any type of person that’s in my industry has that type of fear. – Chris Vasconcellos

Remedy Ice Cream and legalization in Canada

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Vasconcellos has looked into the official Health Canada licensing process, but he says it’s designed more for large-scale growers than start up edible brands such as Remedy Ice Cream.

With the legalization of recreational cannabis set for 2018, he said there’s an added level of competition among the growing industry.

With everybody and their brother kind of doing it, it’s, you know, kind of a grey area for a lot of people.

So a lot of people are really just kind of taking the risks right now to try and get their name out there and promote business and stuff like that, just to hopefully be ahead of the game.

Apr 24, 2017