Why Is Snoop So Mad At Canada?

Snoop shares his thoughts on the irony between the YVR airport security and the city of Vancouver’s Needle Exchange Program.

Jun 5, 2016

Earlier this year, Snoop Dogg flew to Vancouver and was apparently harassed by the border security. Now this might seem obvious, but if you see an iconic weed activist like Snoop landing in a Canadian airport, you could almost guarantee that he isn’t trying to bring cannabis into the country. Why would he need to bring weed into one of Canada’s most pot-friendly cities? And yet the border security still associated his name with cannabis and wasted loads of his time. He voiced his thoughts about the incident on his Instagram. Check out his video below.

The Irony

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During his visit in Vancouver, Snoop had visited the downtown East side of the city, which is known for having rates of high drug use and homelessness. Snoop couldn’t stand the irony. The fact that airports constantly waste his time looking for herb, meanwhile the government allows the homeless to shoot up heroin in the alleys of Vancouver.

I can’t believe these motherf*ckers be sweating us at the f*cking border and they got an alley where they pass out needles for people to do heroin at. – Snoop

We can definitely understand his mood towards the TSA employees, as a marijuana icon, Snoop probably gets searched more in a month than most of us do in a year. And he does raise some questions about Vancouver’s approach to the heroin epidemic.

Y’all need to raise up off me, Canada. Ya’ll need to just walk me through and stop taking me back into that f*cking customs office. – Snoop

Needle Exchange

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Vancouver’s very liberal approach to the HIV and the spread of other blood-borne infections spread in the homeless has often garnered criticism by more conservative ideals. Many say that the city shouldn’t be condoning drug use at all, especially in areas of downtown that are a homeless hub.

But what Snoop doesn’t realize is the impact that Vancouver’s Harm Reduction Society has on the local population of drug addicts. The organization is credited with saving hundreds of lives by implementing these practices, and they do much more than save lives.

  • Reduces the number of overdose deaths
  • Provides a safe, clean, and secure place for users to inject while reducing the visibility of drug consumption on the street
  • Provides an opportunity for multiple contacts with health care staff, social workers, and other individuals who can help users move toward healthier choices, such as drug treatment programs, primary health care, and other social services
  • Reduces HIV and hepatitis C transmission, and ensures that injecting equipment remains inside and is not discarded in the community
  • Reduces risks to the community as the open consumption of drugs can be more easily discouraged

What do you think about Vancouver’s strategies to save the lives of addicts? Do you think it is a step in the right direction to end the war on drugs? Join the discussion on social media or in the comments below.

Jun 5, 2016