Star Wars Strains… May The Weed Be With You.

The exciting news for Star Wars fans is the next installment of the Star Wars saga is out Dec. 18. And you can celebrate the release with these awesome Star Wars strains.

Dec 9, 2015
star wars strains

The exciting news for Star Wars fans is that the newest Star Wars film is being released on December 18. Actually, that’s wrong. The most exciting news is that you can celebrate its release with a variety of different Star Wars strains of marijuana.

Assuming most Star Wars fans are in fact, stoners, it is highly likely that theater car parks will be sufficiently smoked up. There’s no reason not to enjoy your Star Wars premiere with some good quality Star Wars weed.

1. Skywalker
starwars luke Could Weed Be In Liquor Stores Soon?
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This indica-dominant hybrid strain is for when you are battling the Dark Side. It is well known for relieving chronic pain, so if you’re watching the new Star Wars film with a crook back, then perhaps you should seek out Luke Skywalker. Maybe he can assist you in finding out who your real mother and father are, if that’s the kind of dark side you’ve been heading to lately. This strain tastes sweet and fruity, and is said to have an earthy fragrance.

2. Master Yoda
starwars yoda Could Weed Be In Liquor Stores Soon?
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One should always respect the power of Master Yoda. This weed is strong shit, and is high in THC. It also leans more on the indica side, and so is a very powerful relaxant. The trick is to relax into the profound teachings of Yoda, while watching the newest Star Wars film. Did you know that you can also get Yoda OG, in case Master Yoda is feeling a little bit lazy himself. This strain has a strong flavor of orange, and is a delight to the palate to smoke!

3. Ewok
starwars ewok Could Weed Be In Liquor Stores Soon?
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Perhaps this strain will allow you to enter the cognitive space of an Ewok, whereby you can transform yourself into the mind space of one. It is a sativa strain, and gives you that furry and excited feeling that an Ewok displays. In fact, this strain is pretty good all round. It can be used for pain relief, relaxation, insomnia and tastes like tangerines. This smoke is especially pleasant, and a good way to relax with the Ewoks!

4. Death Star OG

starwars deathstar Could Weed Be In Liquor Stores Soon?
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This one takes a little longer to come on than most strains of marijuana. Despite that, it hits you with a wonderful, relaxing euphoria that will melt you right into your seat. Whether smoked for day time or night time, it is a perfect addition to your light saber skills. Death Star is pure indica.

5. Space Queen
starwars queen Could Weed Be In Liquor Stores Soon?
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It’s not good enough just to go wandering out in space. It is imperative to be wandering out in space with the Space Queen (Padmé Amidala) herself. Traveling with her ensures a smooth sail that is completely fit for royalty. This sativa head-buzz is long lasting and takes you on an astral journey.

6. Master Jedi
starwars jedi Could Weed Be In Liquor Stores Soon?
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You would only go to Master Jedi if you were really going through some problems, and need someone to help you sort them out to feel relaxed and happy again. Well, Master Jedi never disappoints in terms of relaxation and happiness. When you head out to see the latest Star Wars film, blaze up with Master Jedi and your friends before the movie. Enjoy a pungent weed that has a very lemony aftertaste. It should go well with popcorn!

We hope you enjoy these new strains, and the new Star Wars film!

Dec 9, 2015