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The Statue Of Liberty Went Dark And No One Knows Why

On Tuesday, the Statue of Liberty unexpectedly went dark. Meanwhile, Twitter lit up as tweeters threw out their own guesses as to why it all went down.

Mar 8, 2017 - Brittney Sanger

On Tuesday, the Statue of Liberty unexpectedly went dark. Meanwhile, Twitter lit up as tweeters threw out their own guesses as to why it all went down. Some say she took a walk, and others say she went on strike for the A Day Without Women protest. But according to the National Park Service, the power outage was due to work being done to activate a new emergency backup generator. Still, people can’t help but question if that’s indeed the real cause for the darkness, or not.

Statue of Liberty lit up Twitter

On Tuesday evening, the Statue of Liberty sat in darkness, and no one knew why. Soon, Twitter began to light up as people threw out their own guesses as to why the lights went out.

Some Tweeters say the incident occurred as a form of protest against our current president, Donald Trump, and his immigration ban. However, others say she went on strike early for the A Day Without Women protest.

Typically, Lady Liberty can be seen fully illuminated. But on Tuesday, only her crown and torch glowed in the night.

Also, CNN aired a video to show that the iconic Ellis Island statue had gone dark. According to the spokesman for National Park Service, Jerry Willis, the ongoing work on a generator was the cause,

The outage was most likely due to work related to an ongoing project to activate a new emergency backup generator that is part of our last remaining Hurricane Sandy recovery projects.

Additionally, Willis said that the crews would be able to return to the island this Wednesday morning to confirm what happened.

Was Lady Liberty’s power outage actually due to an ongoing project?

However, tweeters had their own ideas and didn’t hold back from sharing them.

In fact, a lot of people on Twitter believe it was to mark A Day Without Women, a planned women’s strike that was scheduled all over the US for the following day. Although the Women’s March says they had nothing to do with it, they also suggest the outage was in connection with their upcoming protest.

At the same time, people were led to believe that the darkness stood as a form of protest against President Donald Trump and his immigration ban. A move that has indeed struck a lot of people the wrong way.

Then again, quite a few tweets thought it was nothing more than a power outage. And as it turns out, they were right, or so the National Park Service says.

Regardless of what the real cause may be, activists can’t help but question why Lady Liberty lost her lights. However, Lewis remains firm in that the situation was not in any way related to the Day Without Women protest,

We don’t use the lighting system to back any particular cause.

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